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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wondering about the Old Fool

The Old Fool hasn't posted a blog since August 6th and I am wondering about him, especially now since hurricane Isaac has hit his area hard.  The winds are not too bad but flooding is the number one problem in that area.  Maybe the Old Fool's home is a lot higher than New Orleans.  It would have to be, since New Orleans is below sea level.  Death valley is below sea level and it doesn't flood (grin) but there is no large city there and they don't even have any flood danger, just the opposite.  It kind of makes you wonder why they built a city below sea level right beside the sea.  Yes, I know it was a sea port and I suppose it would make a good one since you could park your boat at the front door.  That came to a stop when they built the levies.

We here in East Texas are on the "clean" side of the storm and will start to feel some hot north winds in awhile as Isaac moves inland.  The storms that worry me are the ones that hit directly or come in to our west.  If possible, you want to stay away from the "dirty" side of tropical storms.  It is nice to have an RV to escape in.  I have done that twice since I lived here.  The first time I went north which was a mistake and the second time I went west, which was the best.  Sometimes when they hit land, they take a different direction, but going west is the best bet to keeping on the clean side of the storms, except for those that come in on the west side.  Then you have to study the projected path of the storm to determine which way to go or to stay put.  It is like I tell my wife, why have both our home and the RV in danger when one can be moved.  Well, I hope to see a blog post by the Old Fool soon and you all have a good day and for those in the path of the storm, good luck and stay safe.


  1. Good idea to have the RV ready to escape with. My in-laws are at their place in Missouri right now, so they are currently out of harm's way.

  2. Hope your blogger shows up,,,,hate for that to happen.

  3. Sixbears, being north and a little east of me, they could get some nasty weather from the hurricane. A trip I took to Pennsylvania the year after Ike hit, showed how it left a trail of damage into Ohio. That, my friend, was a bad one.

    Trouble, yep, he lives in the Delta and he hasn't posted lately. Don't know what has been wrong, but understand if he can't post after the storm.

    1. That's what I figured. Rita hit them hard. I had a hard time to find the place after that as so many landmarks had changed. They lost power for over a month and couldn't get any gas to leave the area. Glad they are sitting this one out up in Missouri right now.

  4. DD,.Old Fool posted on Aug. 24. Look at your side bar of listings.

  5. Barney, you are right, I even commented on that posting.

  6. BB, just one of my many senior moments.