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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wondering how it missed us

Late yesterday afternoon a little after 17:00, I started to hear what sounded like a jet airliner but the sound was continuous.  I got a little curious and stepped outside.  It was almost constant thunder coming from north of us.  So I came back in and looked up the local radar on the internet.  Dang, it was really a bad line of severe thunderstorms with the radar showing those shades of purple which usually mean hail and heavy rains.  I switched from watching an old cowboy show on the western channel (Gunsmoke) to a local news program.  It didn't take long to learn that it was a severe storm and it had up to one and a half inch hail.  Now those can cause some damage.  The radar showed it stretched the whole way across the northern border of our county and it was heading south south west.  I figured there was no way that was going to miss us.  But guess what, we dodged that bullet.  It went to the west of us and all we got out of it was a light sprinkle that just dampened down things a little.  Hardly settled the dust.  Now don't get me wrong, I am sure not complaining.  I have had a few of that type of storm come through here and they caused lots of damage.  One took out my roof vents in  my last motor-home and I found large hail on the floor in it.  I put one in the freezer as a conversation piece for later but threw it out when I sold the RV.  I was afraid that the same thing may happen to my newer one.

Well, we lucked out and didn't get any damage but we also didn't get much rain.  Sure could use some.  I cut the grass the other day and got coated in dust and I don't mean just a thin layer.  Hosed both the lawn tractor and myself off.  Next time I think I will wear a mask to keep the dust out of my nose and lungs.  You all have a great day now, you hear?  It is the weekend.


  1. Put that piece of hail in the freezer remind me of the snowball from Mt. Whitney I put in the freezer back in '02. I toted that thing around for almost ten years before it finally evaporated through the plastic baggie. Men do stuff like that ya know.

  2. I've never seen big enough hail to waste space in my freezer! Sorry you didn't get much rain out of that storm.

  3. I saw that line of storms and was wondering about yall. Glad you didn't get the bad.
    Bro B keeps rattlesnakes in his....lol. SIL doesn't even scream any more.

  4. BB, Yep I know what you mean, I toted mine around a long time and it was not near as big as it was when I put it in the freezer. Something like all my memories, seem to evaporate in time.

    Gypsy, You are lucky, don't ever complain about not seeing big hail. I have seen way too much of it and have had way too much damage.

    Trouble, Rattlesnakes in the freezer (grin). Bet they move real slow when taken out???

  5. Hi DD, we got some hail about the size of marbles, but it didn't do any damage.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.

  6. Penny, the storm looked like it was going off in your direction.

  7. Well, it had to go somewhere. So glad it missed your area, as you probably have horses and cows in the fields around there.