Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wandering around my place, again.

I haven't walked around my place for awhile, so did so yesterday.  I didn't move very fast because of the high humidity and the heat but stayed in the shade as much as possible.  I like to see what all is growing or dying, blooming or fruiting, or anything that has changed.    There were a lot of wild flowers and the path was overgrown by all of Mother Natures quick growing vines, briers, weeds, etc.  I will have to cut the path and clip back all the limbs.  I also noticed that some more trees and limbs have come down.  Some, I understood like the ones that died during last years drought, but some (the living ones) I did not understand because we have not had a bad storm through here for awhile.  I guess we have had a few gusts of wind but nothing that seemed strong enough to bring trees down.

Like I said above,  there were a lot of wild flowers blooming.  My previous blogs have shown some of the wild flowers, but today's blog is going to show some that are a little different.  The first pictures are of wild flowers but the second set of pictures are of  the fruit left after the insignificant blooms have disappeared.  Nature sure can pull out all the stops to make something beautiful:

And a close up:

A picture of the fruiting plant:

And a close-up of this one, too:

These pretty purple berries must be poisonous, because nothing eats them, not even insects.  I was once told that deer eat them, but I have never seen signs of that on my place or anywhere where deer are abundant.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me for my walk around.  I bet you did it sitting in a nice cool house or RV, right?  Now don't forget to take time to smell the roses or just take time to really look for beauty that Nature has placed all around you.  Please have a very nice day and I want to thank you all for visiting my blog.


  1. Sure wisht I knowed what them berries are. Did ya Google them???

  2. Thx for the tour,,will take one any time, love it. Did you make it to the pond? I know i know,,i'm always asking about that pond. Hey,,use lots of Deet!!! West Nile Virus is around again

  3. It's a beauty berry
    Mine has berries on it too right now.
    It's berry contains a natural insect repellant as well.

  4. Nice walk. We have lost a few trees around my house due to insects. Those purple berries are different. I don't think we have them in PA. I'm in the woods a lot, they are new to me.

  5. Billy Bob, I was going to tell you what they are but SUERTE answered it for you below. The common name is Beauty Berry.

    Trouble, Thanks for coming along. Yes I walked by the pond ant it don't look too good. The water level is dropping and weeds are growing, although the duck week has almost gone away. The frogs are happy and let me know as dusk starts to turn into night.

    SUERTE, You are correct. I knew they were poison but didn't know you could use them as insect repellent. Do you crush them and dab it on you?

  6. Oh, I forgot to add the name of the white flower. Its common name is Buttonbush.

  7. Jill, I never saw them in PA. They are native to the south and do better in wet areas, I believe.

  8. Nice pics. Always good to walk the land and see what's changed. Something always changes.

  9. Enjoyed the sights, and I was wondering about the sounds around your pond when the sun goes down. Have you got bullfrogs or jarflys or katiedids or other noisemakers. This time of year in Virginia, it gets pretty loud in the evening until the first cold night in fall, then dead silence. And you really miss it, except for the mosquitoes boring into your hide.

  10. Sixbears, thanks, I did think those flowers were pretty. And yes, things keep on changing for sure.

    Jimkabob, we got a hole chorus of frogs from saprano to bass plus barred owls thrown in for good measure.

  11. TFT, it is always good to have you visit.