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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wondering about giving things up.

Have you ever seen an animal give up its freedom for a small treat?  Some dogs are like that.  My youngest one sure is.  She will get into a pen or cage with just the rattle of the Milk Bone box in anticipation of a small treat.  Since she was a late-comer to the family, and my wife at first gave her a lot of special attention (she was a rescue dog), the two older shih tzu dogs, especially the male, resented her arrival.  So, when we leave the house, the youngest one stays locked in her own little "house".  She knows when we are getting ready to go some where and dances around and runs into her "house" awaiting her small treat.  Some people are no different.  Some are very willing to give up their freedoms for a little treat.  I am not!!!  How about you?


  1. NO ! I am not.

    Good wake up call to some......

  2. Good observation Dizzy. Lots of people will go to their little box for the promise of tiny treat. We call those boxes cubicals.

  3. Good thoughts this morning, buddy! Way too many folks are headed to the box and have their hopes up for a treat!

    I, for one, will NOT easily give up my freedom for some imagined "treat"!

    Good post, Dizzy!

  4. Andrea, Glad you agree, some don't, the ones that want the "free" treats. Hope I can wake up some of the sleeping beauties.

    Sixbears, I gave up that cubical for the freedom of working out of my own home on my own hours. I have never regretted it.

    Barney, and yes you can be a slave to a house. You are so attached to yours that you carry it along with you every where you go (grin).

    HJ, thanks for agreeing. Somehow, I though that you, and many others, would.

    Trouble, that is the way most of us believe, but in reality, we are all to some extent exactly like that.

  5. Jill A, actually that was what I was trying to do. Glad it worked.

  6. I see the Old(not)Fool is back

  7. Ted, Yep he is, a little soggier, but back.

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