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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wondering about Brian May

No, I am not a Rock & Roll fan.  The last time I listened to that type of music on purpose was back in the 1950's, then it sounded more like most "country" music does today (grin).  The only song that I heard that I can link to Queen, Brian May's group, is "We Will Rock You".  The only reason I know that song was because of humorous movie I saw about a dysfunctional baseball team and that song was played in that movie.  Brian May was born in England in 1947 to not so rich parents.  When he was a teenager, he wanted an electric guitar but couldn't afford any he really wanted so his father made him one which he still uses today.  It was named "Big Red" because of the color of the wood used.  Brian had two main interests, music and astronomy, but a third and minor interest, stereoscopy (3D) imaging, would be a big help in his other interest, astronomy.  He was a bright student and was working on his PHD but dropped out when Queen got so popular it took up all his time.  It wasn't until years later that he returned to school and finished his PHD.

You are probably wondering how a guy who loves hill billy and classic country music ever heard about and know so much about a rock and roll star.  Well I will tell you.  A while back he started contributing articles to Astronomy (the magazine) and I have read some of his articles.  The September 2012 issue has a ten page article about May's life.  Very interesting.  BTW, he is also an advocate for animal rights.  Now you all have a rocking good Wednesday, you hear?


  1. I love it when people are successful in wildly different fields. The universe is too interesting to focus on just one thing.

  2. Yep Sixbears, you sure got that right. Trouble is some of us spread ourselves way too thin.

  3. Never cared much for Queen, but R&R had me from the getgo.

  4. Trouble, for me now it is only blue grass, classic country, or gospel music. I haven't listened to rock since the 1950's.

  5. actually one of Queen's songs is on my mind,
    "Fat Bottom Girls....you make the rockin world go round". The bursitis in my left hip has had me sitting on our sofa with ice packs for the last 5 days. All I do is eat and watch TV. As I am getting better.... I should be back in action soon.
    ( I think my body was telling me to slow down)

    1. LOVE that one! Lots of others sing it too.

  6. I didn't know this, but I'm sure glad you passed the info on to us!

    You know me, I'm an information junkie!

  7. I never did care for rock & roll, but glad to hear this guy went on and made more out of his life. Of course the music paid for his PhD, but he must have been pretty good to begin with.

  8. Jill, I don't know any other of their songs, they don't do blue grass. . . hope your bursitis gets better. Nothing worse than a pain in the a. . .butt.

    Trouble, I am going to have to look the words up to that song. I can't imagine what they may be. (grin)

    HJ, I get most of my new information from either Discover or Astronomy magazines. BTW, they are both put out by the same publishing company.

    Gypsy, The article I read said he was a very good student early in life and had an interest in learning more. The 1950's rock and roll was OK, this new stuff all sounds the same to me as do the new so called country music. Give me the good old days. . .

  9. Jill, certainly not me. . . but I guess even rock stars can have another life.