Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Just going to show you a few things around my home and swamp that I haven't shown before. This first picture is of Elephant Ears planted next to our deck. They grow well there since that is where the pipe ends that comes from the air-conditioning unit. That AC drain supplies enough moisture to allow this plat to flourish.

I did not know that they bloomed, but they do. Here is a picture showing the bloom of this plant.

You have to look closely at this picture. Right in the very middle of it, just above the water's edge, is a bear spot of dirt. Sitting on top of that small dirt mound is a Nutria. It is the darker brown colored spot. Couldn't get any closer or it would have dove under the water or would have ran into the brush. They look like huge rats or over-grown Muskrats. They easily get over 12 pounds. Some people raise them for food. I just like to watch them in the wild. Since they are mostly nocturnal, it is hard to get good pictures of them.

And it got too late for pictures of Nutria, but the swamp is still visible.

Nothing starts the evening off better than the moon lighting your way.

This is a Pileated Woodpecker. They are the largest woodpecker in America. As large or larger than a crow. They can be heard before they are seen. They have a shrill, rasping call, and of course it sounds like someone hammering a board when they start searching for insects. Very unique bird. They usually are seen in twos or threes. Very rarely are they completely alone.

The wonder of nature!!! I love to be out-doors and close to nature. Man-made objects and structures can never compare to what Mother Nature can do. There is beauty in everything, no matter how small. Even a blade of grass, if you take time to look. It is amazing the life that goes on in just one square foot of your back yard!! Take time to look.


  1. Right you are about nature being full of beauty! I'll bet the sounds must be soothing, coming from your swamp!

    Nothing like the night sounds coming from around the water to help you sleep!

    Nice pictures!

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Jim. Yes, the sounds are really nice, but with the present heat and humidity, windows are closed and AC and ceiling fans are running.

  3. We actually had a pair of those Pileated Woodpeckers hanging around here a few years ago, but haven't seen them in some time.. Yes, they are noisy. Good picture!!!

    You didn't name your pond GOLDEN did you? :-)

  4. We r in central Tx. and the nutria's r not our friends. We have problems with them tearing up our tank dams, etc. It is true they look like water rats! Kind of creeped out when I saw one for the first time. We also have the woodpecker in our area. They seem to like the creek bottom and pecan orchard.

  5. Great photos Dick, enjoyed reading about nature. It is truly wondrous isn't it? I watched an episode of that Steven Segal:Lawman one night and they were shotting nutria. They didn't show it, but you could hear the guns.