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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Having Problems

OK, I have been having troubles with posting my blog today. I must have woke up this morning all thumbs, bucause I had to upload my pictures time and time again. While moving them and deleting empty spaces, it seems somehow I managed to delete the pictures. Not just once, but many times. I am disgusted with myself, aftger 4 hours of trying, I am going to give up for today.

I thought that I had it all perfect and BINGO, wiped out two more pictures. Then things got all scrambled up. Mentioning scrambled reminds me of scrambled eggs and also reminds me that I was so intent on getting this to work that I missed breakfast. Dang, the world might come to an end!!!

Just image that there is a very well composed and nicely written blog posted here with just magnificent and beautiful pictures. . . . OK, I guess that is asking too much, but it was worth a try.

Tune in tomorrow for another try. Maybe a different subject? Maybe even a blog!!!!!

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  1. IT ain't you most likely, I had problems with it sometimes loosing pictures when I try to move them.. Rest easy, your not going crazy