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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My secretary and others

I am not doing very well trying to insert pictures throughout the text. Hit the "SAVE NOW" button but can't find the ones I was working on. Hope they don't get posted.

Anyway, this picture is of Buttons, my secretary. She is 18 years old and is always by my side or on my lap when I sit down to work on my computer. How many guys can say that their wife doesn't mind his secretary sitting on his lap at work? Guess I have an understanding wife. . .

This got published before I was through. Having trouble with the pictures going where I want them. OK, let me try again to insert another picture.

I can not get the picture to go where I want it to go. Guess I will have to go back and do it in html. I will try to update this page later. That is, if I can figure it out. Guess I will have to ask my secretary for some help. . .

Ok, thanks Ben, this seems to work. The picture to the left is Ginger Muffin, the next oldest. After we got back from Terlinqua, she was such a mess that she had to be shaved. Now she looks like a Chihuahua with long hair ears and tail. Does not look like the same dog. Will take years to get back to normal.

She wants to be the alpha female, but still respects the old one, Buttons. Buttons is still the boss around this place.

The next picture is Chang Le. He is our male and the largest of the four. He and Muffin tried to breed but with no success.

After a few years it was decided (Chang disageed loudly) that they all should be neutered.

He is the protector of the family, especially my wife. No one can get near her without his objections. All of these three dogs just love to travel. Buttons has thousands of miles under her belt and Muffin is the first at the door when I pick up my keys.

The last of the clan is Gizzy. A few years ago while on our way to Pennsylvania, we had some trouble and stopped at a Texarkana KOA. While out walking one of the dogs, a woman and little girl came up to my wife and handed her a sick little puppy, stuck an envelope under her arm, and told her the dog's name was Gizzy. The little girl waved and said "goodbye Gizzy" and they walked away before my wife could say or do anything. Later, another woman told my wife that the puppy was left tied outside a camper for a week. Only ate what someone threw to here.

Boy was she sick. Threw up peppers and junk that no dog should eat. Of course my wife decided to take here to Pennsylvania and give her to her cousin. On the rest of the trip, my wife Ruth, held Gizzy and hand fed her soft food. By the time we reached Pennsylvania, Ruth was attached to the dog. Figured that would happen. All we needed was more dogs. Had a Vet check her out and give her shots. That is how Gizzy came to be. Should have named her "Tramp" or "Road Kill" or "Truck Stop Cutie", or . . . you pick some more.

How about a doctor joke to end this with: A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife is going to have a baby in the cab. The doc grabbed his stuff and rushed out the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly he noticed that there were several cabs and he was in the wrong one.


  1. DD...I don't know if this will help or not, but I usually put the pictures in the draft, then space them out and place the text in between where I want it. Works out easier for me!

    I also found that the picture I select to down load first ends up last, so the last one up loaded always is the first one in the post. may not be the same for you, but you can try it and see if it helps!

  2. Thanks Jim,

    I am feeling my way through the process. Your suggestion works. I still have some problems. A lot of my paragraphs in the draft have spaces, but not in the blog.

    Any help is arways appreciated. Don't be afraid to be critical.

  3. Hey Dick,,next time you close by, bring all those fuzzy mutts by here,, let's try them out with my two dog whupping cats!!!

  4. Dick,
    The dogs are beautiful! My folks had a Shih-Tzu they rescued that had been tied outside at a farm they kept passing going to dr. appts., they finally asked about him and the lady who had him was happy to let him go. They named him Chang Li, with the I. He turned out to be a great pet. Never have heard or seen that name again until now, with any spelling.
    Have a good day!