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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weather Records

Good morning. I was just a think'n about the weather. You hear all the time about records being broken, well, I was just a wondering how many of you have witnessed a record being broken in person. Well, I bet almost everyone. You know, that day when it was the hottest for that date, the most rain, the deepest snow, highest wind, highest tides, etc.

I witnessed a weather record that I believe was really unusual, especially for the day it occurred. Couldn't have happened at a better time if it had been planned. It all took place on Christmas morning 2004.

Let me start by saying that we had taken our travel trailer that we had at that time and went to Galveston State Park. At that time they had special monthly winter rates and since I am self employed and do most of my work on a computer, it doesn't matter where that computer is located. So we liked going to Galveston Island for a month at Christmas time. This particular year, it seemed to be getting cooler than usual. Late Christmas eve, it started raining, a cold rain. After my wife and I had retired for the night, I thought I heard it sleeting. Didn't think much of it so went of to sleep.

Next morning we awoke to a winter's wonderland. Unbelievable, over 4 inches of snow. Snowing in Galveston is enough to break a record, but over 4 inches and on CHRISTMAS day. We were sure glad to have witnessed that record being set. No one would have believed that to be possible, and it couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time.

My wife, Ruth, out walking one of the dogs. First time the dog was ever in snow.

And one of the surprised dogs looking out the window. Wow, we really had white sands on the beach that day.

Let me hear about any unusual weather records that you have experienced. In the mean time, have a good day, without any weather records except the nicest day ever.

Just one last comment. On that trip, my wife kept singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" and I kept telling her it would never happen here on Galveston Island. So, what do I know???


  1. You want weather stories?
    I was laying in bed in my apartment in Seabrook Texas back about 1973 or so. Tremendous B OOM!! I sat straight up and saw a ball of fire race out the bedroom door with my cairn terrier in hot pursuit. Lighting had struck the tree out side the window and come in on an electrical line. Blew out almost every electrical appliance in the apartment. Not terrible long after that, I was wiring a house in subdivision and had my long electrical cord connected to the power pole out back running in and of course all along the floor. A big bad storm came up, so the three of us laid down out tools and went to sit on the window sill to wait out the storm. The concrete floor of course was wet,. Three of us sitting side by side when lighting hit the power pole out back. The surge of electric we could see,, it got the first guy in line, up one leg, across his butt on the window and out his other foot,, same with the second guy, I had started moving and was off the window sill when it hit me on my left foot..

    Last one,, Same subdivision different house. Had my Pickup pulled into the garage on a roughed in house and had just a helper with me when another of those gulf storms moved in. Told the helper to load up,, we were through for the day. We tossed the tools and parts in the pick up.. Just as he reached to grab the tailgate to close it.. Lighting hit and I saw the arch jump from the tail gate to his hands.. None of us were hurt in these events.

    I got more of course, but tied of typing.

  2. niece n hubby were teaching in beeville, that year. she had told her 3rd graders she was going home, central tx, n it was gonna snow on christmas day... guess what! snowed there, not here.

  3. u CAN get hit by lightening in ur house,,,i did. was standing by stove during bad storm, it hit antenna n came thru wiring, flashed across top of stove, hit me in stomach. stung and left a red mark. i had on rubber soled shoes, was standing on rubber mat. now i look around to c what im near, during a bad storm. lol my cat saw it, and her tail looked like a bottle brush. (siamese) lost quite a few things, but those little fire plugs really work!!! just had 2 at that time, got more!!

  4. I remember that Christmas. It was one of the few times I didn't go home (Alvin) for the holidays. Figures!!