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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Deck/Porch

The "Flying Tortoise" requested some pictures of my home and my motor-home. Well, being late as usual, I will today try to fulfill the first part of that request, but first, a wondering.

I always wonder what goes on inside the minds of animals. Although it is nigh on to impossible to know what lurks in the mind of mankind, the animal would should be a little simpler, or maybe not. I know my pets think, understand commands, plan, love, hate, and when I give out treats, I am sure they can count. "Hey" the one dog says, "you gave them two more than you gave me". Well, she didn't actual speak that to me, but I could see it in her eyes and body language. What do you all think about what goes on inside your pet's mind. Let us know.

Did you ever see the TV clip on the The Texas Country Reporter about Skidboot, the smartest dog in the world?

OK back to the Tortoise's request. I don't have a lot of pictures of my house, but I do of the deck and porches and they show part of the house.

I have three doors that I call the front, side, and back. I have no picture of the front door and very seldom use it. Let us start this grand tour at the back door. It is a sliding glass doors that open up onto a screened in porch that has two ceiling fans with lights:

The same porch looking in from the outside:
And from another angle:

And this picture is of the same porch taken from outside at night:
This is looking in at the side door and the open, but roofed, porch:

And at a different angle:

And light up at night:

Enough of that. As you probably guessed, the home is "double wide" that has over 2500 sq feet of living area, with four bedrooms (turned two of them into offices) and three full bathrooms. The exterior is "Hardiplank", a cement fiber siding that really helps to sound proof the home. It sits back on my 12 acres and is almost impossible to see from the road. Part of the property is a half acre that is only 60 feet wide which gives me access to the road. I, therefore, only have 60 foot road frontage.
It is quite isolated, and I like it that way. In an earlier post I showed my swamp. I love going out on the back porch and listening to the frogs and owls.
I will end this blog with a proven remedy: If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives; then you'll be afraid to cough.


  1. Nice looking palace you got there! for my personal taste, a tad too many trees,, ( I like to be able to SEE) .

    Do wish I had your fishing hole though.

    And cats minds? All they think about here is FOOD!!! NAP !!! OUT!! IN!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yep, my dogs' first priority is food. You have heard the dog psycology haven't you. Well, the first item listed is "If you can't eat it". You know, their psycology is a good one to live by (grin).

  3. Sounds like nice peaceful place