Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My blog dissapeared. When I clicked on "Publish Post" it just went away. I looked for it and under drafts, but I only found the first paragraph. Dang, were did all the rest go. Don't have time to do it over now, maybe later.


  1. Sadly I have had that happen also.. It "should" show back up in the drafts section eventually.

    Don't take a hammer to it!! !That won't help. :-)

  2. Thanks Ben, that draft was me remembering way, way back starting in the mid 1940's. Don't know if I can duplicate it, but I may try or I may just forget it. Maybe I wasn't suppose to post it, I did talk some about out-houses (grin)

  3. DD, I write my blog in Word and save it. Then copy it from Word and paste in blogger.