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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This ones for the birds

Good morning on this mid-week bog down day. I was just a wondering again. Why do people change and some of them so suddenly.

As you all know who follow this blog, that we have dogs. Three of which get groomed every month. Before I go on, let me give you a little background on our groomer.

He is a great guy who has been grooming for many, many years. He loved horses and dogs and through out his life, had raised both. But dogs became his life and for many years, he both bred them and groomed them.

When we got our first Shih Tzu, we inquired about a place to get her groomed. We were told about this guy. We tried him and have been using him ever since. We even purchased our second Shih Tzu, Chang Le, from him. He raised many different breeds and had a large, very nice kennel. Dogs became his life.
Well, one day he had a heart attack and died on the way to the hospital. They were able to bring him back. He told me that the electric shock really hurt and he kept thinking “Let me die, let me die”. But he lived through it with no apparent side affects. Was told to quit smoking, but still does.

This was the norm for him for many years and then he decided that all those dogs were too much trouble. He got rid of all his dogs, but purchased a pair of Boxers, which he bred (old habits, I guess).

Then one day he bought an vintage muscle car. Kept it for a short period and sold it. Then he got another one, a green Dodge Charger.

Nice looking car and it goes really fast. . .

All was going well, until one day we brought our dogs in for grooming and there were birds everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The grooming building was full of them, there were some outside, and he said his home was also full of them, some he let loose in his home.

Here are some samples:

And some yellow parrot type birds:

And multi colored birds:

And orange / red ones:
Multi-colored parrot type:
Did I tell you that he cooks for them?

Now, most of the grooming building is taken up with bird cages. In this next picture, you can see one of our dogs on the left and the birds on the right.

And looking the other direction.

His wife had died years ago, so that couldn't have been the cause of the sudden changes. The death experience was only a year or two ago, so that could have caused it. I wonder. . . . or could it just be normal to decide to be different. Look at me, when I turned 65 I quit cutting my hair and beard. I think I am normal but a lot of people have a different opinion. Wonder why???


  1. Sounds like your buddy became obsessed with first his dogs, then the birds. I think some people actually have an obsession with things!! I had an working buddy some few years ago that absolutely could not throw anything out.. When he moved up to Iowa he ask me to mow his yard and check on his house for him. Good God!! There was just a path through the house with piles and piles of "stuff" everywhere. Was defiantly a hazard.

  2. Sad..but I really like the car : )

  3. Hey Ben, I have a tendancy to keep too many things, but still have living space in my house. Not too many flat spaces left except the floor (grin).

    Hey Frann, it is a nice car and he has it up for sell now. Don't know what he might turn his attention to next, but he is the best groomer.

  4. Hi Diz,
    Just watched Hoarders the other night where this gal had a garage full of birds. They all were healthy but you couldn't find a path through her home, literally, she had to climb around things to move from one spot to another. Like Ben said, he had dogs, now he's into birds, there is no explaining some things.

  5. DD...much like you, when I retired at 62, one of the first things I did was to take of my watch! Haven't worn one since!

    I thought about letting my beard just grow out, but for some reason I keep trimming it. Not sure why!

    Some folks go through some gradual changes, while others seem to jump off the deep end! Wonder why that is, like you said?

    Now you got me to wondering what the heck is normal anyway?