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Monday, August 23, 2010

Favorite Foods

OK, just a wondering about our favorite foods and why do I have such a hard time finding some of the ones I like. Yes, I know that I sometimes like what some people think is odd. Like I grew up loving liver and spinach. Now, if you ask any body they will tell you that when they were kids they hated both and probably still do. I found a restaurant one time that served the best grilled liver, and you could order it done the way you like, treated just like steak. Boy, it was good. Now, my wife tells me it isn’t good for me.

Now, I like almost everything. The things I don’t like are all in the dessert category. OK, speaking of dessert, what is your favorite ice-cream? Mine is Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. The only one I have bought in years. I don’t have it all the time, first because it isn’t on my diet and second is sometimes I can’t find it. You know how it is when you got your mouth set on something and then you can’t find it!!

Speaking of not finding something, I was in Wall-Mart the other day and went to where I usually pick up my package of boudain. Panic attack!!! There was none there. I just love boudain with eggs. Usually say I will only eat one with a meal but always end up eating both. See package:

I stopped a Wal-Mart employee and she said they moved them and showed me where they were. Whew, that was close and what a relief!!

The other thing that I eat everyday is also sometimes hard to find. I try to keep a spare on hand for those times when it can’t be easily located in the stores. Here is a picture:
Yep, Almond Butter, and I prefer the crunchy vs. the creamy, but either will do. Since my wife and I started watching Doug Kaufmann’s TV show “Know The Cause” and going to his web-site http://www.knowthecause.com, we do not eat corn or peanuts anymore, so found this to substitute for peanut butter and now think it is so much better tasting.

One other thing has me upset. I love habanero pepper sauce made by Tabasco. Seemed richer, tastier, and hotter than all the rest that I have tried. I love the taste, but sometimes the heat gets a little too much. Anyway, I don’t know if they quit making it or what. I looked in Wal-Mart, Krogers, and HEB but none had it. If I ever find it, I will buy enough spares to last a while. Funny that the best habanero is made by Tabasco.

Tell me about your favorite foods.


  1. If you can name it and if it is still made, you can find it on the companies internet mail order!Most companies work off of regions! If a region is slow on sales, than they will quit distributing in that area! Even in the big stores, it is a fight for shelf space! Coca Cola and Budweiser usually wins that fight!

  2. Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Been for me as far as ice cream goes.

    Home cut fried taters with lots of onion fried in with them (plenty of salt and pepper and plenty of catchup over them) Then a pot of red beans with crumbled fried hamburger meat added with a can of regular Rotel sauce mixed in with some scallions to. A pan of cornbread to be crumbled and then the beans put over it with lots of catchup and chopped uncooked onion mixed in. A little Tabasco sauce added for extra flavor and habanero sauce works well to, but like you said its hard to find.

    I don't like liver and never have, but I like liverwurst sandwiches very well. Didn't like spinach when I was a kid, but do now with lots of the pepper sauce with the little green chillies in it sprinkled over it and mixed in.

    Porcupine Meat Balls with mustard potato salad (My recipe) Goes good with the fried taters also.

    A well seasoned lettuce & tomato salad with carrots, scallions and alvicado (sp?)mixed in with shredded Colby cheese and a few other trimmings to be added. Ranch Dressing only.

    Are we getting hungry yet? ;)

  3. My favorite breakfast used to me that red Mexican sausage with potato and an over easy egg.

    At least I'm not down to eating mush for breakfast yet. :-)

  4. Howdy Fred, thanks for the info. I was fixing to check out their web-site. I emailed another company about a product and they told me where to fint theirs, hope the Tobasco Co. will do the same.

    Dang tffnguy, you are sure making me hungry. Next time I am in the area I may just stop by for some of that good stuff. You ought to start another "grub shack" or offer to cook one day a week. Bet you would be a hit!!!

    Ben, your breakfast sounds good to me. I just plain like to eat and if it has onions in it, all the better.

    Thank you all for stopping by.

  5. Your making me hungry with the boudain!

  6. Howdy Fran, thanks for stopping by. Yep, I am getting hungry for it, too. A couple eggs thrown in and you got yourself a meal, Mmmmm

    Hey Barney, thought you left the sea coast behind and headed for high (and cooler) ground. No shrimp up there. . .

  7. Well you know it's winter over here and most days and evenings I have the little fire going so I'll often do my potatoes, pumpkin, onion, perhaps carrots or leek wrapped in foil with spices and herbs, maybe Moroccan spices or fresh herbs and have them with blanched broccoli which is one of my favourites and is soooo good for you... then I'll add some roast chicken from the fridge... a good chutney and hey, some good music, candles and that's dinner.
    But tonight, Pasta with Basil Pesto and plenty of Parmesan Cheese, sea salt and ground black pepper... and probably a good red. At least a cheeky one... Join me for dinner DD, we eat at 7.30...

  8. Howdy FT, Wow, I could eat at your place for sure. Just had a huge bowl of broccoli tonight. Everything you listed I love. You must have good taste.

  9. Ummmm. What is boudain? I'm thinking it looks like something I wouldn't want to watch them make. I'm not too adventurous with food. I'll have to get over that,though.

    Just googled it. Sausage. Ok. I could eat that.