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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Friends & Visitors

I have a few friends that come and visit with me. Some are shy and some are not, but they all are a wild bunch. Most, if not all, of my friends have more than two legs and some have none. No, they are not freaks with extra limbs nor are they paraplegics, they are my wild-life friends that come by. Some fly and have big eyes and I swear he or she is smiling at me. What do you think:
Now, wasn’t that a cute dragon fly. It didn’t look like a dragon to me, but it sure could fly, in all directions, like a helicopter.

This next visitor just climbs right up my walls in search of flies and bugs. Not an unwelcome visitor:
And another visitor, one without legs. It is welcome, also, since it does a lot of good catching small rodents. Maybe this visitor is why the last one was climbing the walls:
OK, now we have covered guests with six legs and wings, four legs and Velcro feet, and no legs, so what is next? Oh yea, eight legs:
Now, this next guest is unknown to me. It has six legs and wings, but something I have not seen before. Maybe you can tell me what it is. The next two pictures are taken at different angles:
Now this guy, not sure if he was invited to the party. I know I didn’t invite him. Oh well, he says he can do what ever he wants:
Some of my visitors have good camouflage, but when they are out of their environment, they stand out like a sore thumb. This is a walking stick. I always thought that they were vegetarians, that is until now. Kind of reminds me of a Praying Mantis, but it isn’t. Check out the next three pictures:

There is always someone at the party that snaps at you when you ask them questions or get too close to them. One of my guests is like that. Good thing he is a small one:

Well, I hope my visitors entertained you. When they left here, they said they were all heading over to your house.


  1. Well, those "guest" most likely where there before you were, :-) Nice guys to have around as long as they don't drink up all your beer or want to borrow your car!!

  2. Okay Dick, if they are coming to my house, I'll be leaving. I hate bugs, but I do let a spider live here in the bathroom because he catches the errant fly that gets in when I open the door. Thanks for the photos, all very interesting!

  3. Hey Ben, there is no beer here for them to drink and so far, the car is still in the driveway.

    Kathie, glad you enjoyed the pics, and have you named your spider yet?