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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pictures of Pictures - The Sequel

I warned you yesterday that I was going to put the rest of the paintings on here today for you to critique. Your comments yesterday where helpful and will incorporate them into my next paintings.

I will put my least favorite painting on first to get it out of the way. This one I call "Treeless Canyon Road". Why is it my least favorite? Well, because it doesn't have any vegetation, and I couldn't figure out how to put some in, so just left it and went on to an other painting.

Even before I ever went to Terlingua, I fount a photo on Weather Underground that I liked, so I painted it. This one I like. I call it "Terlingua-Adobe-1. The "-1" means I am now working on another painting "-2" of the ghost town of Terlingua, but this time from photos that I actually took while there last Spring. I will probably do a lot more, the place impressed me.

I'm not very happy with this one, something missing. Looks too artificial to me. What do you think? Yesterday, you all liked the ones I thought were the worst. I call this one Small Water Falls-1. Planning sometime, to do something similar, only better, of course :)

This painting was inspired by visits to Lake Whitney State Park. Remember my blog that showed pictures of the Star Parties that I went to. Same State Park, different area. I call this one Road Through Thru Twisted Trees.

OK, remember I said yesterday that I was not good at animals. But I need to paint things that are hard for me or I will never learn how to do it. I must learn from my mistakes. I intend to try more dog painting, but I love to do land-scapes more. This following picture is Our Pets-1.

I guess you have guessed from yesterday's blog, that I think mushrooms are picturesque. I like this picture of mushrooms growing out of a stump. I took a photo of the mushrooms and used it as a guide. This one (you probably also guessed the name) is called Mushrooms In Stump.

I have simple names for my pictures because I am a simple guy. This next picture is from my imagination sparked from memories of camping and hunting in the Appalachian area of the North East. I call it Eastern Mountain Stream.

OK, just had to try another animal, Benita. I referred to a picture that John Wells posted on his blog awhile back. When I sketched it in pencil, it looked perfect. When I tried to paint it, well, it didn't come out quite as good. Hey, only been at this for a year or less, and now you have seen every one of the acrylic paintings that I have done.
Oh, I am sure you have guessed the title of this painting. . . it is Benita.

I took a picture of the mountains while standing in front of The Field Lab. I tried to duplicate those mountains in this painting. If any of you have ever been there, you should recognize the mountains. The rest, I just made up, except for Benita. I got to try doing her again, since I did get to pet her once.
OK, I promise not to bore you with my painting again, or at least until I get another one done (grin). I do hope you will all be critics and point me in the right direction.


  1. You seem good at expressing things you have seen.. Keep after it, Shoot, Grandma Moses didn't start till she was older than you are.

    Of this latest selection ,personally,I'll take

    Road Through Thru Twisted Trees

  2. I like the mushrooms! Looks pretty good to me, buddy!

    It's nice to have a way to express our creativity. Sort of relaxes us, don't you think?

    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  3. I like this group better than the first. The painter isnt responsible for the subject as he didnt create it.The painter isnt even responsible for how it is received by the viewer. The painter is only responsible for what kind of atmosphere he creates and the venue in which is is recieved.

    I would bet that if an unknown work of art by Piccaso or by any other of the grotesquely popular artist of time was unsigned and misplaced, and ended up in a thrift store in LA, it would be on sale for $5.00 and would stay there until some college kid wanted to fill space on his wall.

  4. I like the Terlinga Adobe best. The colors just come together for me. The 'artificial' feeling in the waterfall one is, to me, from the sharp angles in the waterfall and the bank in front of it. Maybe soften and curve some of it? I like the Benita one, too. The others don't really speak to me this time. But, that's just me, no real critique on any of them.

    I wish I could draw and paint like you. One of my best friends is an artist. At the moment she makes her living doing face painting, not just the simple flower on the cheek type,but really nice ones. Maybe I'll ask her to stop by here.

  5. Ben, Thanks for commenting. You know, when I first painted it, I didn't like it. Now I do, must take some time on +some things.

    Hermit Jim, thanks for stopping by. Yes, most of the time it relaxes me, but there have been frustrating moments when you can't get the look you are after.

    "I", thanks for the comments. I agree with you about every thing you said. People are different and like and see things differently. I personally would only buy that Piccaso for $5.00 bucks if the frame was worth $10.00.

    Shadowmoss, thanks for your comment. On the water fall one, it also appears to me that the forest was planted and not wild looking. Too neat or something.

    Thanks for the comments. Since I am rather new at this, I need and will use all advice given. I see things my way, I want to know how others see them.

  6. Late again coming to the party.
    #1 Terlingua-Adode 1 as Shadowmoss said, I love the way the colors compliment each other
    #2 Mushrooms in Stump
    #3Eastern Mountain Stream- living on the eastern border of Appalachia I love all things Appalachian, the food, the scenery, the music

  7. Thanks Kathie, I tend to agree with your picks and in that order. Hope you have a good week.

  8. I'm impressed DD and was thinking of Grandma Moses and of a Surrealist who's name I can't think of right now... no it wasn't him, it was another one... the name will come to me, just keep on doing it...

  9. Actually DD I like all your paintings. Please keep on painting and showing them to us.