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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yesterday's project completed.

 Yesterday, I told you about the project that my wife had me working on.  I did finish it up by the end of the day and I sure could feel it through out my old body.  The last screw was not cold yet when my wife started using the peg boards.  So, I took a couple of pictures of it last night.  This first picture was taken just minutes after I completed the job, notice that she had already started putting things on it:

 And a few minutes later she had some more of her stuff on it:

Just thought that you would like to see the finished project.  Now, you all have a great day and may all your projects be easy.


  1. You're such a GOOD husband!!!!

  2. Hey, I have some of those same looms! Sure are a lot of fun!

    Good job, buddy!

  3. Sharon, I think so and hope my wife does, too.

    Thanks Trouble, I still hurt from that job. I didn't know that I was in that bad of shape. Might have to start exercising. . Naw. . .

    HJ, yes they are, and they can make a wide variety of things (in the right hands - not mine).

  4. Weaving looms? Looks like a handy and decorative storage system to me. Nice job.

  5. Jill, they are knifty knitters. I wrapped it around three walls in a Z shape. Thanks for the complamnt. I hope they work out.