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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wondering about multi-bean soup;

I hear people talk about different kinds of bean soup.  The first question I am wondering about is what constitutes bean soup.  I have had soup that had a bean or two or so in it and it was called vegetable soup.  Second question, if soup has a lot of green beans in it can it be called bean soup or does the beans need to be shelled beans of some variety?

OK, how many beans does it take to make bean soup?  I have heard of 3-bean soup, hearty 4-bean soup, 15-bean soup, and even 32-bean soup, and maybe more.  I can come to two conclusions from the title of these bean soups.  The first that popped into my mind was "who would want to eat soup that only had 3 beans in it".  Shouldn't there be truth in labeling (a blog for another time)?  I would want hundreds of beans in my soup.  Now, you tell me that means variety.  Dang, I didn't know that there were 32 different varieties of eatable beans.  How about naming them all for me.

Beans are nutritious and satisfying.  When dried they keep well, a good item for survivalists to put on their list of supplies.  Beans, in one form or another, have been feeding humanity for ever.  Of course we can never forget the famous scene from the movie Blazing Saddles where all the cowboys were sitting around the campfire eating beans and in doing so, changed the scent of the evening. . .

What are your favorite beans and bean dishes?  My favorite is fresh green Lima beans warm from the pot with melted butter and salt.  Don't get much better than that for me.  Now you all have a rip toot'n day and don't eat too many beans, you hear?


  1. I think it's the bag that names it,,,lol.
    Fav? Gotta be fresh green beans with new potatoes. (cooked with bacon grease of course)

  2. I think it is a personal taste preference and we don't care for a multitude of beans. I do make a really good casserole that has three different beans in it that my husband loves and I do to. If you cook the dried beans it ends up pretty economical after all the ingredients are added.

  3. Does bean soup have anything to do with the origin of the affectionate term of endearment, .."Old Fart "?

  4. Trouble, the bbag or the old bag? Anything is better with bacon grease on it.

    JMD, a three bean casserole really sounds good to me. What all do you put in it.

    Jimkabob, I sure has!!!

    1. Dizzy, I change this recipe and use pinto, baby butter beans and pork and beans but the rest remains the same.


  5. I grew up in a household that used navy beans for bean soup, and kidney beans for chile. Met Bill, from New Mexico, and started using pinto beans (and chile wasn't AT ALL like my mom made!).... moved on to fava beans, black beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, and I could go on and on and on. Maybe it's regional or even something that was "in the family"... but we use a lot of beans and it doesn't make any difference what kind they are.

  6. I prefer pinto and kidney beans. I soak the dry beans in water to which I add baking soda which is said to remove the gassy effect of the beans. Years ago I cooked various kinds of beans but I now just stay with the two I like best, and open a can of canelli beans when I make minestrone soup.

  7. I make a pretty good 15 bean soup in a tomato base. Yum Yum.

  8. The Odd Easy, I have lived every where from Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and now in Texas, so I have eaten beans of every kind in a huge variety of ways.

    Gypsy, I also like Cannellini and black beans on my salids. A source of protien.

    Sixbears, that sounds real good.

  9. Are we talk'n bout just beans or we talk'n bout bean soup? I would never consider mak'n a "green bean" soup. I'm think'n long the lines of "fresh" beans in a vegetable soup and dried beans in a bean soup. That's my way of think'n....an' I'm stick'n to it.

  10. BB, you got it right. Beans can be used for a lot f things and some people don't give a/hill of beans. . .

  11. Perfect timing for your post. I have a crockpot 3/4 full of Great Northern little white beans, with the finely chopped ingredients as follows: celery, onion, carrots left over ham and seasoned to taste and has simmered since 10:00 this morning. Joe would prefer that I don't put the veggies in, but once or twice a year I do because thats the way my momma made it. I eat mine just in a bowl, Joe likes his served over buttered white bread...
    ~Betty and Joe from Milwaukie, Oregon

  12. Although I'm not a big fan of beans, I do know that they are good for you. When I was a child and my mother would serve us lima beans for dinner, I would slip them one by one under the table to my brother who liked them. I got away with that for years. At least I thought I did.

  13. I love the 15 beans. I cook them with lots of ham preferably on the bone for more flavor. Than we have to add diced onions and have cornbread on the side. This is making me hungry :)

  14. BJ, sounds to me like you are going to have some good eating.

    Jill, you could send the limas to me. . . .

    Tammy, yep, you are making me hungry, too.

  15. DD. I guess you know how many beans make 5?

    A bean and a half, a bean and a half, half a bean, and a bean and a half. LOL
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.