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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wondering, what is for breakfast?

What do you have for breakfast?  Second question, what would you like to have for breakfast?

Let me think, what do I have for breakfast.  Well now, that depends if I am in a hurry or not, whether I am hungry or not, and most important, what is available.  Sometimes I just have a couple of Zone Bars or something else quick and simple.  Today, I made up a concoction by putting plain yogurt in a big glass, adding Agave Nectar and dehydrated bananas to sweeten it, and Rice Checks cereal for a filler.  Mmmmmm Gooooood.  Back when I lived up north and was going out early on a cold winter's day to go hunting, I would fill up on bacon and eggs.  Had to have a lot of grease to keep me warm and going.

One breakfast I remember was when we took a company jet from the Hobby Airport in Houston and flew up to Indiana on business.  We had steak (filet mignon) and eggs.  At 40,000 feet, that was a great breakfast and I really enjoyed it.

Of course, what ever breakfast I have (or don't have), I have to have a big ole cup of strong Colombian Coffee.  Since my wife and I differ on what coffee should taste like and how strong it should be, we make individual cups for ourselves the way we want it and when we want it.  I told you before that we use those funnel like things that you put a filter and coffee in and sit on top of a cup and pour boiling water in it over the grounds.  Simple, and every cup can be made to suit who ever is making it.  One of my favorites, which I haven't had for over a year or so, is a biscuit with sausage gravy.  Oh my, now my mouth is starting to water, so before I slobber all over my laptop, I will say good by for today and I hope all of you have had the breakfast of your choice and will have a very great day, you hear?


  1. Your breakfast made me cringe. You didn't really ate that stuff did ya? Had you put bout 6 slices of bacon in the concoction, then maybe not so bad.

  2. I've turned into a bacon and eggs man.

    In warm weather, a single hard boiled egg and some fuit does the job.

  3. BB, that is OK,since I will be having Loisianna white boudan and eggs for supper.

    Sixbears, nothing feels better on a cold morning as bacon and eggs.

  4. Best breakfast I had was a lobster and swiss cheese omelet at Becky's Diner down at the dockyard in Portland, Maine. If I ever get within 300 miles of that place again, that'll be the first place I'll go. Got bacon, too.

    1. Jimkabob, when can I pick you up? I'm hungry. . .

  5. Cereal on a regular day. A cheese omelet on a fancy day. Throw in some crumbled bacon, and chopped onions and peppers, and I'm in breakfast heaven. Oh yeah, mushrooms too.

  6. I start out my day with a bowl of cut fruit - strawberries, banana, and blueberries. I have to use frozen strawberries & blueberries now because I won't buy them shipped all the way from Chile, and the frozen stuff can't compare to fresh. Then I have a bowl of Wheaties. What I would love to eat every day is a fruit Danish or two.

  7. Jill, sounds really good to me, both the regular days and the special days.

    Gypsy, Fresh fruit is really good for you but frozen allows one to eat fruit that is out of season.

  8. Ham n eggs! With crispy American fries, please.

  9. Jeff, good choice. I am glad to hear that very few have artificial pre-sweetened cereals for breakfast.

  10. My coffee recipe doesn't need near as much water as most think. Somewhere between strong, and float a horseshoe!

  11. When I cook for myself, about 6 days a week, it is the same thing. A scramble with diced sweet potato, green onion, jalapeno and egg substitute; corn tortillas for bread.
    Then my one day a week when I eat out it is a Mexican Food breakfast or hash w/poached eggs or biscuits-n-gravy.

  12. Michael, I would like your coffee. If the spoon doesn't stand up in the middle of the cup, it just ain't strong enough.

    Ed, I would enjoy eating your breakfast. It sure sounds good to me.