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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wondering about people with the same names.

There are a lot of people in the same family that have the same last names, dahhh. . .  But in some families there can be a lot of people with the same first names.  Now that is starting to get confusing, isn't it?  Now, in my family, I have relatives that have the same first and last names and in fact some couples have spouses with the same name.  Now, it really gets complicated, doesn't it?  You are just never sure which person someone is talking about.

Why am I talking about this?  Well hold on, I am going to tell you.  I got an email inviting me to my Aunt Evelyn's 90th birthday.  OK, I know, that doesn't explain anything.  So, let me start from the beginning.  My dad had a sister named Evelyn and she married a guy named Jim.  They had a son which they named Jim.  Yep, he married a girl named Evelyn (the one that is having the birthday party).  Oh yeh, then they had a son named Jim and of course he didn't brake the chain cause he has a son named Jim.  So, with two married couples with the same names (first and last) and a whole bunch of Jims with the same last name, life can get a little confusing. My wife just never knows which one of them I am talking about.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Sounds like that ol song, i'm my own granpa...lol.

  2. Yes it is confusing, especially when you're young.
    My mother was called mum and my father was called dad. Then I found out my friend had a mother called mum and, talk about coincidence, a father he called dad.
    I checked around and I found more people with a mother called mum and a father called dad...
    The world is a very confusing place sometimes Dizzy...

  3. Half of my ancestors settled in Kentucky, and back a couple hundred years ago names were passed down through the families and it is often difficult to distinguish which is which. But that all changes when you get down to the last couple of generations - they have dropped the traditional naming and now just make the names up to something that sounds fanciful.

  4. I have two granddaughters named Ashley and a grand niece with the same name. We always got by with calling the oldest granddaughter Big Ashley and the younger one Little Ashley. We just call the grand niece Dwight's Ashley. Now there is a confusing side to this to and that is as the years passed Little Ashley grew a lot bigger than Big Ashley.

  5. Ding Trouble, I liked that song, although it was confusing. . .

    TFT, between hat you and trouble wrote, I am laughing so hard it may leave me with a permanent smile.

    Gypsy, Kentucky is a beautiful state with some beautiful mountain music. And not everyone is named Bubba. (Grin).

  6. Do you remember back before surnames were used, he would have been called Jim the younger, or Jim the hammerhead to tell the difference? This allowed for a lot more creativity than tagging all the Jim's with the same last name.

  7. Jimkabob, you said "Do you remember back before surnames. . .". How dang old do you think I am??? (Of course I remember. . .)