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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sharing a Pillow

Sharing a Pillow

Isn't it nice that one pillow these two share?
Maybe they are having some kind of affair.

My little girl Muffin and Mister Chang Le,
They try to be a couple and want to be.

But some things just can't work out and never will,
Cause she just turns her back and gives him a chill.

He never seems to learn and keeps on trying,
He keeps his hopes high when he should be crying.

But they sure do make a fine looking couple.
and it seems that they also like to cuddle.

Now, I hope my poetry did not make you sick.  I made up a card for my Aunt with this picture and then wrote this little rhyme to go with it.  Since I woke up this morning a little on the "brain dead" side, I didn't have anything important, exciting, enlightening, or just educational to say so I cheated and put this picture and poem on today that I used in that card, sort of double duty or double jeopardy, which ever.  Now, you all have yourself a great Friday, you hear?


  1. LOLOOLOLOLOLOL,,, my first laugh today,,,(Your little ditty)

  2. Love the picture and the verse. You remind me of my dad's poetry.

  3. There is certainly nothing wrong with cuddling. They make a cute couple, and your poetry was sweet!

  4. Trouble, I always like to see people laughing.

    Sixbears, thanks, I try. If I can't be intelegent and wise, I might as well be funny.

    Gypsy, glad you liked it. I am proud that I remind you of your Dad.

    Tammy, a few years ago we tried to breed them but no pups. The pet said she absorbed them. We since have had her fixed but the male doesn't want to accept that fact.

  5. Cute pups. My weimaraner would have fun with those fluff balls.

  6. Jill, you should see what they look back when we didn't have the clipped short.