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Friday, January 4, 2013

Wondering about some pictures from my son.

 The other day my son emailed me some pictures that he took of me with his smart phone.  I don't have a smart phone, just an old style small flip phone.  It takes pictures, too, but not good ones and I don't have any way of getting pictures off my cell since I had the texting service turned off.  I guess that I should update my phone someday, but I like this phone because it is small and why replace something that still works?

My son collects Stihl chain saws.  I thought that he had given me a picture of his collection, but I was wrong.  Anyway, he brought up two of them to help me take a tree down that made me have to back the RV up a couple of times to make the turn into my house.  It is also the tree that reached out and bent my power awning when I first brought home my Dutch Star RV because it leaned a little over the driveway on the inside of a sharp turn.  He ran the big saw that had at least a three foot bar and he let me cut with the small one.  The small one was hard enough on my back, glad I wasn't running the big monster one.

Anyway, here is a picture he took of me trying to look busy: 


One day a few weeks ago, I was down at his place and sat down on his Harley.  He took a picture of that, too:

I had a Harley way back when I first got married.  It was a small racing model made in Italy.  Yes, they made that style Harley in Italy.  Hard to believe that the so called American bike company had one made in Italy.  It wasn't a huge hog, but it was set up as a circle racing bike.  It had the gearshift foot lever and the brake on the opposite side as a normal bike had.  That meant you had to remember which bike you were riding at the time you had to make an emergency stop.  I found a picture of a similar one on the internet:

Yes, it was a one banger but it sure had torque.  I think it would be able to climb a tree.  When my boys were young they sat in front of me.

I see were a lot of the bloggers that I follow who live in Texas have had some snow.  It got down in the mid 40's here last night, so no snow.  No rain, either.  Now, you all have a great Friday, you hear?


  1. Got pics Dizzy. You look natural on a bike.

  2. Thanks Sixbears, I feel natural on a bike but my wife says NO!!

    Trouble, Just old, not much of a biker anymore.

  3. I got to admit, you looks purty spiffy sit'n on that Harley.
    Back when, before I growed up all the way (5 feets 8, 125 pounds), I rode a home brewed Harley basket chopper. 1947 frame, '54 pan head, BSA gas tank an' seat, lots of chrome an' a sissy bar with a eagle on top. Beautiful bike it were, an' I ain't got a picture one.

  4. That is one thing that I would like to learn to do...operate a chain saw! However you mention it hurt your back, so I guess I am going to have to forget about that :(

  5. Billy Bob, that sounds like you had a great bike. Don't you wish you still had it? There isn't too many things nicer than running down the highway with the wind in your hair.

    MsB, Anytime I lean over, my back hurts. The biggest thing is keeping them in good shape. Good maintenance and sharp teeth on the chain are the secret. Have you ever considered one of those light weight electric ones?

  6. Yes Dizzy I had considered the electric ones because I do not like to mix oil concoctions or have gasoline around. Then I read that chain saws required that you sharpen them, so I just said forget it :(

    Anytime I lean over even slightly my back hurts as well.

  7. MsB, maybe if you wait long enough they will come up with a self sharpening chain saw, and maybe not.