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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Got a heavy frost!!

We have a heavy frost this morning.  Yes, Jimkabob, it is Thursday!!!  This has been an unusually cold winter for this area and this has been the coldest morning.  Got down to 28 degrees.  Just in case you don't believe me, I stuck my camera in my jacket pocket when I carried the garbage cans down to the road and took a few pictures.  This first one was after I set the cans down and started walking back my driveway:

I walked half way back the driveway and took another picture of my front lot, the one neighbor's back yard, and another neighbor's big field:

And here is a close-up of the frost on some small plants along the side of the driveway:

All I can say is "Brrrrrrr".  Now you all keep warm and have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Love the pics... And yes, armadillos supposedly carry the leprosy virus. They are so harmless, almost blind, and I've never known anyone who came up with leprosy from them. I've always left them alone.

  2. Frost at my house as well! I'm just glad that the wind isn't blowing!

  3. Trouble, Thanks, it is not a common site to see around here. Up in the 60's now.

    HJ, yep, a wind on a morning like this would cut right through a guy.

  4. Well you can almost put more clothing on, but if it's too hot, you get to a point where you can't take any more off.

  5. Dang, it must be Thursday here, too! It's all white, too. Got 3 inches of very heavy, wet snow. The kind that makes the power go blink, blink, black. Old man winter finally showed up. Howdy.

  6. Oh I will be so glad when there is no more snow, frost or cold weather. I am ready for SPRING!

  7. Jill, you are sure right about that. I have been that hot, like last summer when I had to have a new AC/furnace combo installed.

    Jimkabob, yep, but ours didn't last very long. It did get up in the 60s real quick. Hope when it went dark you still had some source of heat.

    Tammy, this time of year a day starts out like Winter, before noon Spring comes, by mid afternoon summer gets here and the it reverses.

  8. Thanks for the weather report, glad I am not there.