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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wondering, different webs for different spiders?

When I let the dogs out this morning and since there is a fog again, I noticed a couple of spider webs highlighted by the water droplets from the fog.  They were within two feet of each other but they were of a completely different design.  I always liked spiders and thought that they and their webs were beautiful.  I did not, however, study them so can't tell you their names or which webs go with what spiders.  Of course not all webs are made by spiders but I am pretty sure these two were.  I did think that these two webs deserved to have their picture taken. Here is the one that was on the right:

The one shown above started at a point and sent strands out which were tied together in a symmetrical pattern.  There was a plan to the design and that spider was an engineer, an artist, and a master builder.  She (or he) did a good job although I have seen better ones.

Now the web shown below was just a couple of feet to the left of the one above.  Looks a little different, doesn't it?

I am not sure if this spider web builder had a plan.  It looks rather random to me but I am sure that in that randomness there is an underlying plan and design.  Nature is beautiful but she is also a tough teacher.  Those who don't learn to survive, perish.  So both the symmetric style and this random style must get the job done.

It kind of makes me wonder why there are two completely different style webs, but then I take a look around our neighborhood and every home is a lot different than the rest.  Each is unique (unlike some of the new housing developments that repeat the same house every few lots).  Most of us humans like to consider ourselves unique and I guess that these two neighboring spiders do too.  Now all of you unique readers out there, have a very great day today, you hear?


  1. Thx for the pics,,,as always! I, too, love nature,, and that includes spiders.

  2. Maybe the two spiders are in cohoots, while mister bug is admiring the beauty of the first web, he stumbles into the tangled web. Great pictures, DD.

  3. Trouble, I just now went back out and looked and both webs were gone without a trace!!! Where did they go? It is nice and warm out, the sun is shining, and a gentle breeze. Can't believe they dissapeared that quick!

  4. I sat outside once for the longest of time watching a spider build a web. It looked like the first picture. It was fascination how she did it. I think they are so neat looking with dew on them.

  5. I like the beauty and unique patterns of spider webs and also because they trap pesky insects like mosquitoes.

    How strange that the webs would disappear.

  6. Tammy, what a great thing to do. I often wondered how they got the first couple of strands strung.

    MsB, some make fancier web then others but they all catch insects.

  7. Beautiful in a terrifying way.

  8. Jill, yep, even scarry things can be beautiful.