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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wondering; that picture can’t be right!!

I saw a picture the other day and although it was beautiful, it looked surreal to me.  It looked like something out of science fiction.  It just couldn’t be real, although it looks so much like a photograph.  Here, see for yourself:
I guess anyone’s first reaction would be, “Wow, ain’t that a pretty picture!!” But it only took a second or two for me to question it. Things didn’t look right. No, I have never been to the North Pole where this picture was claimed to be taken, but I figure physics would be the same there as anywhere, well, almost anywhere. Physics may not be the same in a “black hole”.

OK, I am not going to take up any more of your blog reading time with the explanations when I found a much more detailed explanation on the internet, a lot better than I could explain. But there is so many things wrong with this “picture” that it is purely science fiction. Go to this site and check out the explanation: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/11/17/an-unreal-picture-of-sunset-at-the-north-pole/
It is a simply beautiful day here today; even the weather man rated it as going to be a “10”. Cool this morning with a high only in the 70’s with a crystal blue sky. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. It's a real photograph alright only it was taken on the planet Paradise located in another dimension in another universe far far far far away. I have been there (under the influence).

    Seriously that is a beautiful drawing and would make a good cover for a sci fy book.

  2. Got to admit, the artist made a neat looking picture. If those dimensions were real, what would it do to the ocean tides on Earth?

  3. Yea Old Fool, exactly what I was thinking.

    Ben, Tides would be tidal waves.

  4. O well, just take it for the beauty, and enjoy.

  5. Either way, it is nice to look at! Very pretty!

  6. the moon/sun arrangement is what gave it away right off. I saw that and new it wasn't right.

    Certainly would make a great S/F cover. Heck if I had the rights to that art, I'd write a book to fit the cover.

  7. Trouble, yes it is a good painting, and I do appreciate good paintings. I just prefer more realistic ones.

    Hermit, Yes it is and the artist did such a good job it almost looks like a photo.

    Sixbears, yes it did for me, too, but it made me take a second look. It would make a good cover for Sci-Fi novel, but you are the writer, so let me know when the manuscript is almost done and I will paint a picture for the cover. (grin)

  8. Dizzy? mind if I resound to Sixbears?

    6 Bears? you want to use that picture for something? I don't see no copyright mark on it. And I'm pretty sure that once's it posted on the WWW Without that.. it's fair game..