Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wondering about snakes and fish.

If you have been following by blog for awhile, you will remember the huge feral hog that took up residence on my property. She caused lots of problems, scared my wife half to death, gave the dogs something to bark at, and kept the place clear of snakes. Yes, pigs eat snakes. Well, I just got too used to not having all those snakes around, I got a little too careless. Last night just before I went to bed, I let my three Shih-Tzu dogs out. I don’t usually take a flashlight out with me, but for some reason I had stuck one in my back pocket. The three dogs ran out as usual but acted strange. I turned on the flash light and there was big ole Copper Head snake. It was one of the biggest ones I have ever seen here. I chased it out of the dog’s fenced yard. Actually, that is what I want to believe but I was mostly trying to keep my dogs away and the snake just eased off instead of coiling up in a defensive posture. That gave me time to run up on the porch and get my hiking stick, come back down, go out through the gate and beat its head with my stick. The bad thing about it was that I broke my stick. I made that thing years ago as a hiking / snake stick. It used to have a piece at one end that could be used to pin down a snakes head so I could pick it up or use it to hook a snake and move it. Oh well, guess I will just have to make a new one.

Now about fish or fishing. Hey Billy Bob or Barney, hope you two see this picture and eat your hearts out (grin). I read when you two were camped at the same State Park and tried to catch all the fish in the lake, that you didn’t have too good of luck. You know why, because all the fish are on my T-shirt. Yep, even have one jumping out of my pocket! My very talented wife painted a few of my white T-shirts a while back and this is one of them. I thought that you would like to see a picture of it:
She even used glitter to show the splashes.  This picture sure doesn't do it justice.  You need to see it person.

I get my stitches out today.  I am sure glad of that.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. It's nice to live in a place with no poisonous snakes. That being said, I'm down south often enough that I've learned to live with them.

    Nice shirt!

  2. Dang, gonna have to start carrying a shotgun with you to walk the dogs.
    Don't forget, mothballs work real well, to keep them run off. And Mr T's snak-a-way granules.

  3. I guess in this case since your intruder was a copper head it's ok to kill it. Although the dinner he was stalking will probably be entering your house by gnawing through your floors. Snakes eat mice, rats an' bugs ya know.
    I see moth balls mentioned again as a snake repellent. This is part myth and part true. You don't just toss a hand full of moth balls in the yard and expect to be snake free. In a small contained area such as a tool shed or small basement, yes they will keeps snakes at bay. In the yard, it's almost useless. Did you know if you breath the fumes of moth balls, ya gonna be sick?? Them fumes are toxic to not only snakes, children, little Shih-Tzu dogs but also to big macho men.

  4. Stillll,,,lmaoooo, about you and the snake!!! hahahaha
    But,,,plz don't go out without a lite any more.

  5. Glad you managed to protect the pups, but sorry that you broke your stick doing it!

    I need to get me a good hiking pole! Rather have that than a cane...!

  6. Sixbears, I don’t like to kill anything anymore, except mosquitoes and bugs that keep awake at night and kissing beetles. Yea, I like the shirt.

    Ben, I got a derringer that will shoot 410 shotgun shells; that ought to work. I need to check on that Mr. T’s stuff. I wouldn’t think anything would keep a hungry snake out if it really wanted to cross the poison line.

    Billy Bob, Yea, like I said above, I like to live and let live; but nothing picks or endangers my puppies!!! And live to tell about it.

    Trouble, I used to like to catch snakes alive, especially the poisonous ones. Since I can’t afford to go hunting in Africa, snakes are the only dangerous game in town.

    Hermit, going to have to make another stick. A hiking stick looks so much more macho than a cane. Of course some canes have surprises hidden under the handle. . .