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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wondering how smart my dogs are?

As you know by now, I have three Shih-Tzu dogs and each one of them has their own personalities and each are quite different than the others’. For instance, the oldest is a female who seems to be the most intelligent and at times more so than me. She is the one that watches TV, knows how to trick you into doing what she wants, and sort of rules the roost, so to speak. The next oldest is the male, beautiful but not too smart. He is white and silver and is very handsome and knows it. He knows how to strut and show himself off. We thought of showing him, but that does not fit into our life style. Now, we don’t even get them groomed to the Shih-Tzu style. The youngest was the puppy that my wife rescued from mistreatment on one of trips to Pennsylvania way back when we had the travel trailer. She watches our security monitor and barks if she sees anything.

As usually is the case, my wife and I were at the flea market this last weekend. There is one vendor there that must buy out overstocked or damaged goods and then sell them at the market. Most of the stuff is new in the box, never opened. Such was the case with the item I spotted and just had to have. So I paid the five bucks and took it home, anxious to try it out on our dogs. No, it wasn’t a collar, or dog jacket, or food, but a toy to see how intelligent your pet is. Here are a couple of pictures of it:

As expected, the male gave up quickly. He had other interests. The oldest female solved it once and decided that it was too much work for what she got and would rather beg and be handed the treats. She know very well how to get my wife and I to do just that. To my surprise, it was the youngest one that really liked the toy. It didn’t take her too long to figure it out and she finally got so quick at it, it was no contest. She still wants us to put a treat or two in it. All in all, it is unique dog toy and according to my dogs one and quarter out of three like it. . .

You all have a good day now and don’t take any IQ tests, you hear?


  1. Smart puppy. You know I considered a similar thing for the cats but then thought about it. Basset would just tear it to pieces and eat everything.

    Tiny wouldn't fool with it cause it's beneath her.

    Difference between dumb ole dogs and highly intelligent cats. :-)

  2. lololol,,love it, about ur dogs. Out of all the cats i've had, 2 were super smart. Father and son.

  3. I think that pets enjoy a game or two from time to time!

    At least it wasn't a total washout! Glad the youngster liked it!

  4. The things we do for our dogs. My lovely wife just bought a girly girly collar for our dog. It's pink and designed to attach "bling." whatever that is. I just want a collar that we can hang the tags on, but it's not my choice, apparently.

  5. Ben, my oldest female thought it was beneath her, maybe she is related to Basset. . .

    Trouble, I have had dump dogs and cats and I have had smart dogs and cats, but I loved them all. And, yes we got a good rain.

    Hermit, yes I think they get bored and need some distractions from every day life. The youngster is quite active, and I was amazed that she had the patients to figure it out the first time.

    Sixbears, I know what you mean; my wife buys clothes and cute stuff for ours. Usually ends up in the bottom of the bag of dog stuff with the leashes, harnesses, brushes, etc. all on top of them.