Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wondering about yo-yo temperatures.

Yes, I know that talking about the weather is boring and I shouldn’t do it, but the weather we have been having is not quite normal for most of the country, but it is pretty normal for around here. Let’s see, we are still in a drought but this past week we got some rain and a tornado just a few miles east of me. It was sighted on the same highway that I live only a mile north of. The rain lasted less than 10 minutes. What usually happens is the sun comes right out and dries everything out but we were spared this time. It stayed cloudy and because of the extremely high humidity, fog settled in and didn’t dissipate until late the next morning. That gave the earth time to soak up what little rain we got and put it to good use.

This morning it was cold. Yes down right shivering cold. It got down to 36 degrees. But starting tomorrow, we will be back in the 80 degree weather and the overnight lows will be around 70 degrees. I can live with that. This time of the year, temperatures bounce around more than a basketball at a basketball game. It does one thing for sure, it takes the boredom out of life and gee, it gave me something to write about this morning. I will be quite busy the next few days or more getting all the rush jobs done for my customer. Everything is a rush. If things were not hard or rushed, I wouldn’t have any work. But at least I am not bored. Don’t believe in that emotion. No one has the right to be bored. There is always something a person can do or think about doing. Thinking about doing is usually easier than doing stuff, especially chores that you have been putting off.

Hey, I am rambling on like I have nothing to say. That is because I have nothing to say, except: “You all have a great day now, you hear?”


  1. Boredom might be a nice break -as long as it doesn't last too long.

  2. lmaoo,,,join the crowd,,,and, i won a yoyo contest when i was a kid.

  3. sixbears, I am only bored when I choose to be and yes, it can be a nice break.

    Trouble, I was never too good at the yoyo thing. I was pretty good with the little metal top that you wound a string around and through it real hard and just before the string ran out, you jerked it back to spin it.

  4. Boy howdy do I remember yo yo's. Holy cows, that was a hunnert years ago. I don't think kids now days even know what a yo yo is.....much less a top. Makes ya kind of wonder what these kids will remember when they are our ages.
    Weather here in Deming really sucks. 32 degs last night. Why me lord???

  5. So much to do for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, I don't get a chance to be bored, todays youngsters cannot be happy with a yo yo or top have to have all the electronic devices, fancy cars, cell phones..They will be living with their parents until their 40's and beyond, no jobs for youngsters and adult males and women over the age of 40 anymore, sad sad times, my grandparents who raised me said to be grateful for the blessing of faith, family and some food, I feel sorry for the young people of today..they don't get to get a job, get married, raise families and almost never buy a home what in this world is happening to the good ole USA the greatest country in the world??????????????????????????????

  6. Dizzy...it has indeed been a crazy year for weather this year!

    Getting to where you don't know what to wear anymore! Sure keeps us from getting bored, though!

  7. Billy Bob, 32 is cold, it is pushing 70 here now. What is the elevation there in Demming? I like tops better than yo-yo’s, maybe that is why I am dizzy. . .

    Anon, Thanksgiving will just be a quiet day here. Yea, I do wonder what today’s kids will remember about their childhood.

    Hermit, it isn’t safe to leave the house in the morning without a coat, hat, umbrella, and you don’t know whether to switch the thermostat to A.C or Heat. Don’t you just love it? I do. I actually like it here. Course you know I am dizzy. . .

  8. I hear you about rushing. I told a magazine I would change the art for an article last June....well I finally have some time and thought I would do it and resubmit the article ..soon. Well I got an email from the magazine asking if I was still going to do the article and they need it A.S.P. Spending the weekend working so Monday I can send it off.
    Off to happily work on this project, I'm so dang flattered that they remembered me!

  9. Is it Green Craft that you will putting your artwork in? That is where we found you in the first place. And yes, it is nice that people want your work.