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Friday, November 11, 2011

Wondering if anyone out there has been fired?

I really never thought about the term “fired” or how it originated. Do any of you know how it got started? I was watching “Larry’s Country Diner” on RFDTV last night (one of my favorite shows) and other than some music and fun, they give some history and facts. They said that “fired” originated many years ago when a village wanted to get rid of a family that was always causing trouble and was disliked by everyone else living there. So, to get them to move, the village banned together and burned down the offender’s house. They were forced to leave by fire; or fired as it became to be called. So, being kicked out of a job was to be “fired”. Now I bet you couldn’t live another week without knowing that tidbit of information; yeah right. BTW, I have never been fired, but laid off a couple of times.

Don’t forget that today is Veteran’s Day so take some time to remember the men and women who protected our nation. Now, I need to get back working on my project. You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Was fired once, for bogus reason. I fought the firing and won in small claims and got unemployment outta of it Plus put the company into several lawsuits for discrimination

  2. Never fired, but like you, laid off a couple of times.

  3. Fired on New Years Eve in 1966 waited until I worked most of the day, learned an important lesson get out of the store immediately..I cried and cried in the bathroom but managed to pick up my stuff and get my paycheck it was actually payday, one lady was nice about letting me know about unemployment insurance..I am none too fond of retail employment since then & I was only 18 at the time, but it had a good outcome I never worked retail again, next job I got was a the college I was attending and got into the government..One door closes and a window opens, guess in our society one has to bet the boot, fired or whatever to have ones eyes open about working in any job, now people get 99 weeks of unemployment in our state and never find another job at all if they are in their late 40's and early 50's! Our country is sinking fast and don't know what will happen, unemployment is rampant and many won't hire anyone past 40 years of age...what will become of those people?????? just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fired is the true word, getting the boot another, just make sure you know your rights, and remain calm! When one is calm everything works out but when one gets really upsett it just doesn't go well at all...if fired for no good reason, dispute the firing and get unemployment and sue the company..many get a settlement for wrongful termination now, in the good ole days many companies could just stick it to the worker, not so much anymore..also making unwanted advances and horrible remarks to women won't be going over anymore it might take a while but one doesn't have to put up with those things, and men sue to for sexual harrassment, a special place in hell is reserved for people who do that I truly believe. Karma is terrible to endure when one acts like a donkey in my opinion!!!!!!!!!

  5. I found out I was going to be fired from a small firm, so worked it out that I would resign and it was mutually acceptable. I learned a lot of lessons working for 1 year in that place. But it's a blow to the ego to think they want to get rid of you. Best thing that ever happened to me because I went back to an employer I always loved - the US Govt.

  6. I'm think'n I've quit more jobs than I've ever been fired at. Look'n back, I don't recall EVER being fired, but I was laid off, indefinitely, one time. Ya see, I was hired to run all the electric wir'n on a big ol' motel project. When the wiring was completed, they didn't need me no more. So they freak'n "fired" me.
    But I have seen many folks fired for many reasons....mostly 'cause they couldn't/wouldn't do what they was hired to do (job performance). Then the scream they was fired for no reason. Sue the company and collect unemployment.

  7. Ben, they should have known better than to pick on you. (grin)

    Trouble, glad to hear that.

    Anons, I never had trouble finding work. I will be 69 years old in a couple of months and work still seems to find me. I have been trying to retire, but. . ..

    Gypsy, It means a lot when you can work things out and leave a company with dignity.

    BB, yeah, I have quit a few myself. Making the decision to work for myself was the best decision I ever made. Didn’t get rich but got to stay at home. BTW, who would want to fire you, you are so good at fix’n things?

    Did anyone know the origin of that word? I sure didn’t.

  8. I too have only been laid off. In fact the last job that I was laid off from, the management was itself let go two years later. The owner of the business called me from London England and asked for me to come back and take over my department.
    Talk about Karma...
    Been there since

  9. Spud, isn't great when things work out that way?