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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wondering about the prize in the container.

Ok, we all remember as kids buying a box of Cracker-Jacks and having that wonderful anticipation of finding the prize. You know, all the boxes came with a prize. Some were better than others and if my memory is serving me correctly, it seems that way, way back when I was small, the prizes were a lot better. Now, I wonder if they just got cheaper over the years or if they seemed so much better to me when I was younger. Which do you think it was?

I believe that I have mentioned in past blogs that I have one weakness, or I suppose you could call it a vice. (OK, maybe I have more than one but I can’t think of any others right now.) My weakness is for Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream:

Oh my, just looking at the carton makes my mouth water.  (Slurp, slurp.)  So, you ask, what does my favorite ice cream have to do with Cracker-Jacks?  Well, I am getting around to telling what they have in common.  I done did find a prize in the ice cream.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV last night and eating what was left of the ice cream.  Why is it that the very last bite in the container always tastes the best?  Anyway, I bit down on something hard.  I just figured that it was a piece of ice, so bit a little harder and OUCH, it was not ice.  Got it dug out of my mouth and cleaned it up and found it was a bright shiny piece of metal, probably 304 stainless steel, since that is what the food industry uses.  Don’t believe me, well I took pictures.  Take a look at these:

I called the Blue Bell Corporate Office and talked to a nice lady. I first told her that I believed that I have single handedly kept them in business for the last few years, and that I loved their ice cream. Then I told her that I found a little prize in the last half gallon and went on to explain what it was and that I could send them pictures; I figured they would want to know. She said that they did want to know and will send me an envelope to put it in and return it to them so that they could figure out where it came from or what it came off of.

Now that I finished that half gallon, I guess I will have to go get another. Think I may be more careful before I swallow from now on. It didn’t upset me. I know things break and their ice cream is of the highest quality. Can’t wait to dig into another container, but really don’t want to find any prizes.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. OUCH!! Glad you didn't chip a tooth. You missed it by not posting a big ole video on U Tube and having it go viral!. Then calling a lawyer! :-)

    Wantta to bet the lady sends you back coupons for free Blue Bell?

    Blue Bell rules!! My favorite, when I do get it is the French Vanilla.

  2. I have to limit my dairy intake, so regular ice-cream is off the list. Now I make my own from rice, or soy, or almond milk. It's pretty good stuff, even if you can have the regular stuff.

    I also have to limit my stainless steel intake. :)

  3. Even the fragrance from Blue Bell has a lot of calories.

  4. Drank a Dr Pepper way back, and upended it and saw something in the bottom. Was a big sliver of Glass!!! It stuck to the bottom is why it didn't get in my mouth. I was furious. When i called the company, all they did was offer me a case of them. I kept that bottle a long time. Never drank them again, went to coke.

  5. I sure do like my Blue Bell ice cream! Old fashioned vanilla or chocolate will do just fine for me, although I think I would rather not have the "prize!"

    Shoot! Now you got me all hungry for some ice cream!

  6. Yes, the little house that I was brought up in was a lot bigger in those days than it is today... funny that isn't it...

  7. Ben, I wouldn’t mind getting some coupons for free Blue Bell. I don’t eat cookies, pies, cakes, etc. but got to have my Blue Bell.

    Sixbears, I have to agree that your ice cream is much better for one’s health, and the almond milk is much healthier than soy or rice. And I think from now on I will limit my stainless steel intake.

    Barney, yep, you can gain weight just by looking at it, and the fragrance adds even more. But it is worth it!

    Trouble, things break and mistakes happen, so I didn’t get mad about it. It did appear to be a broken piece off of their machinery.

    Hermit, when I buy a half gallon of it, it only lasts me 4 or 5 days. But then, to tell myself that I am doing a good thing, I wait a few days before I purchase another half gallon.

    TFT, that is certainly true. When I went back to Pennsylvania for a visit and drove past the house I grew up in, I couldn’t believe it was so small.

  8. Why didn't the company offer you a free half gallon of their ice cream, you could have injured your mouth????????????????? Not very kind of that company..wow whee, I would have insisted on a new carton of their finest you like..Blue Bell is used at Outback Steak House restaurants, I will mention it when we dine there, I won't order anything with it on or around as I don't have money for a dentist to repair my teeth when I crunch a nugget like that..poor customer service, thanks for the heads up on that company!!!!!!!!!

  9. I hardly ever eat ice cream any more, but if I did, that Blue Bell Cookie Dough would entice me.

    I prefer almond milk too.

    If you want to see the metal in food, blend up some "iron-fortified" cereal, and pour it in a zip bag. Then get a magnet to draw all the metal filings into one place.

    Blue Bell wanted to make sure you had your iron, but all at once!

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny.