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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wondering if you were wondering about my wife's shoes.

I am sure none of you guys out there gave my wife's shoe shopping therapy outing a second thought but I bet some of my female readers wondered what the boots she bought looked like.  She also got a new purse but I don't have any pictures of it.  So, just for those who are interested, I took a couple of pictures of her with the new boots on as we were heading out to the flea market yesterday morning.  Actually, I think that they are really nice.  Here are a couple of pictures for you to look at.  You can decided if they are nice or not:

This morning, she has already got Super Glue on her fingers.  If it is not new shoes it is super glue.  She is always getting into something.  Now, if she goes to the flea market this morning, they can call her "sticky fingers". (grin)  You all have a great day and be careful with that Super Glue, you hear?


  1. All those laces not for me,,have to have slip ons now. Bet they're good to walk in.

  2. For some reason, these are NOT what I was expecting! Fooled me with this one!

    Are they comfortable to her? Guess that a trip to the flea market will decide just how comfortable they are in the long run!

  3. Trouble, they also have a zipper along the side of the laces, so all you need to do is unzip them to get them on and off. See the top picture.

    HJ, she said that they were very comfortable, but if she wants to wear real thick socks, they could be a size bigger. She likes them but it is too wam for thm today.

  4. Those are really nice boots! I like them :)

  5. MsB, thanks, I will tell my wife that. That will make her feel good.

  6. shoe shopping can cure anything! how do I know that's true??? I'm in great health! tell your wife I love her new boots.