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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wandering home yesterday.

We came back home yesterday making the round trip to be 465 miles.  Had to fight a very strong crosswind and light rain the whole way home.  That is a long way to go just for two nights.  Someday, maybe, we will head back out there but will do it on a Monday.  That park is too busy on the weekends and then they also require reservations for weekends well in advance.  Tried to make a reservation when we pulled in Wednesday, but everything was full.  Was also sorry that we couldn't meet up with Trouble.  May not get back that way for a few years, but who knows.

OK, a few more pictures.  This is a side view of where I was parked:

And one of me driving out of the park:

This is a picture of the park road.  About a half dozen deer went across the road in front of us on our way out but didn't give us a chance to get pictures:

Did you notice the rain drops on the windshield on both pictures?

After we got out of the park and into civilization, I noticed some neat sayings on the back of some vehicles.

Here is a close up view:

And a little further along:

And a close up:

OK, sorry I am so late but I didn't get this all done before it was time to go to the flea market.  OH Yes, my wife had to go to the flea market.  So, that was our quick couple of day trip.  The RV got a good workout and so did I.  Now, you all enjoy the weekend, you hear?


  1. Like the sayings. I might think twice or ten times about messing with the country girl. ;)

  2. Guess that the folks couldn't say they weren't warned!

    Looks like you had a good little trip!

  3. Just saw one in town, said, plz be a thief so i can shoot.

  4. HJ, yep, once warned, not getting shot is your decision.

    Trouble, that makes perfect sense to me.

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