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Friday, October 26, 2012

Wandering around Inks Lake State Park

Since we will be heading for home today, we did a lot of wandering around the park.  There is way too much to see when only staying for two nights.  Yesterday's blog showed where I was parked and as you could see, it is only a few paces to the water so I just couldn't resist taking a fishing rod down there and tossing a lure or two.  I put on a plastic worm, and cast several times and got a bump on about the fifth or sixth cast.  OK!!!  This is the way it is done and what it is all about.  On the next cast I hooked him (or her).  Snapped a picture and released it.  Now Billy Bob and Barney, who is the fisherman???  OK, it was not a huge hog bass, but hey, it was a bass and I had not thrown a lure for years.  I was happy.

Looking back from the lake side, You can see that my parking spot was not level at all.  In fact, I had to pile up some wood for an extra step to get into and out of the RV.  I put some boards under the front leveling jacks to help keep them from over extending.  It kind of looks like it is about to take off and fly away. . .

Took lots of walks (we have three dogs you know) plus a few walks without the dogs.  Here is one picture we took on a walk looking back at our motor-home:

This park is not too crowded during the week, but they told me I would have to make a reservation well in advance to spend the weekend here and that they are all filled up this weekend starting Friday night.  That is the main reason we are starting for home today.  I also took a picture from the other side of the cove.

The weather got very windy last evening.  I tried to fight the 20 to 30 mph winds and fish for awhile anyway, but you guessed it, not even a hint of a strike.  Yep, I got to get back to this park for sure.  Wish it were not so far away.

It sure doesn't look very promising weather wise this morning.  Still windy but not as bad as last night and it is spitting rain.  Maybe after I post this I will search for some weather reports.  Doesn't matter, still have to be out of here.  Would have liked to have stayed another day or two, but they said it will be filled up starting this afternoon.  Ms. Trouble didn't show up yesterday and my email to her came back undelivered.  OH well, I know she is busy with her son and I am sure we will be back when we can stay longer.  It is just too far to come for a two days; over three hundred miles one way.  That is the maximum I will drive in one day in a RV.

OK, got to run, lots to do.  I would like to take another long walk before I fold this thing up for the trip home.  You all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Isn't it great to be able to avoid weekend crowds?

  2. Sure looks nice around there! I'd forgotten just how nice it was!

    Bet the pups all enjoyed the new area to explore, huh?

  3. I got all 3 emails,,DD. Hope you got mine. Just couldn't make it and i'm sooo disappointed!!! Plz come back.
    With that tail wind today, you won't need all day to get home. Hey, i thot you were in your home.

  4. I'm so glad you've got away for a few days...

  5. Sixbears, yes it sure is. Did you notice from the pics that I didn't have any close neighbors. As we were leaving, the park was filling up.

    H.J., they sure did except for the dang grass burrs.

    Trouble, no I didn't get any emails from you. Did you reply to the one that I sent?

    TFT, it was a long way to go for only two nights. Round trip was 749 miles.

  6. That is a lovely area, I'd love to go there again.
    But I would go a shorter route!!
    It is only supposed to be 225 miles from Conroe!
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny

    1. I have to agree with Lake Conroe Penny about a shorter route. When I asked Google Maps for a route from Cut and Shoot to Inks Lake it gave me three alternatives; the shortest was 218 miles and the longest was 235.

      I can not imagine where you went to accumulate a total of 749 miles round trip.

  7. Penny and Ed,
    You both are correct. I thought something was wrong and guess what? The odometer was set on kilometers instead of miles.