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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wondering about stories from my childhood, part 1

Now don't get worried, just because I said in the title that this is part one doesn't mean that I will ever get around to doing a part two.  I just put it in the title so that I could do a part 2 and 3 or so and not get them mixed up.

I got thinking last night about one time after we moved to the country and I started school.  I don't remember my exact age when this happened, but I can narrow it down to at least six and less than eight.  My parents had bought me a toy bow and arrow.  The arrows had suction cups on the end and it came with a target that was a picture of a life size tiger charging you.  I would set the target up leaning on a big bush near the edge of the yard.  My mother would always tell me to pick my things up before it got dark and I would usually do so, except for this one evening.

That one evening, just after the sun set when no one was out side, I hid behind the tiger target.  I was very quiet and tried not to move or make any commotion at all.  When it started to get dark, my mom came outside and started calling me.  She wanted me to pick my stuff up so the dampness of the night would not harm them.  She yelled a few more times but must have thought that I took a walk in the woods or the other side of the house, so she decided to pick all my stuff up.  The first thing she did was pick up my bow and arrows laying next to a lawn chair.  Then she folded the lawn chair and took it in.  She came back out and walked over to the tiger target and was reaching to get it when I growled and holding on to the target, leaped forward.  I thought my mom was going to die.  It scared her a lot more than I had anticipated and I was lucky she didn't have a heart attack or stroke right there on the spot.  I actually felt sorry I did that nasty trick but actually it was worth the long, long, silent wait crouched behind that target.  We both laughed about it after she cooled off, but she never, ever went out and picked up my tiger target again.  That job was always left for me.  I wonder why?

It is unseasonably cool this morning (in the high 40's) but will climb into the 80's by afternoon.  My wife is feeling so much better that she wants to go to the flea market this morning.  I am so glad she is doing so well.  I guess that the shopping therapy she did at the shoe stores really worked (grin).  Yes, she has her new boots on today.  Now you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Good one,,DD. Glad your wife is doing that good,,enjoy that flea market...

  2. Surprised she didn't pull off the suction cup and zing an arrow into your hide before she saw it was you. Glad to hear your wife is recovering well.

  3. Had to laugh out loud at that one, buddy! Great memory! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. You were lucky if I had pulled that stunt on my mother she would have told my dad (he was the disciplinarian) and I would have gotten a good spanking :(

    Glad the shoe therapy worked and Mrs. Dizzy is on the mend.

  5. Trouble, it was much better if you had been there. . .

    Jimkabob, yes, I was lucky on that account, but my mom was a good sport.

    HJ, it was funny, but depending on which end of the tiger you were on made a lot of difference on how long it took to realize it was funny.

    MsB, my mom was a good sport about it. Thanks, we are also glad the therapy worked.