Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wondering about my wife's fleet of buses.


The above picture is a big Greyhound loading passengers.  Greyhound has a whole fleet of buses.  Now, my wife is not one to be outdone, so she acquired a whole fleet of special buses, the ones that Country Singing Stars have.  Of course, she bought hers at the flea market yesterday and they are not quite as big as the real ones.  Here is a picture of her fleet of buses:

My wife did not want to be held down to the ground so she just had to also get a blimp.  Now just not any blimp will do, it had to be the Goodyear Blimp, because we know the guy that used to pilot it.  

 Now that she can go by air or land, we will have to work on the sea part.  Now what should it be, a motorized yacht or one that is powered by sails, or both?  Actually, I think my bus rates right up there with those shown above.  Now, you all have a very great Columbus Day today, you hear?


  1. You and the wife sure come up with some interesting finds at the flea market!

    Gonna run out of room someday!

  2. Getting to that point now. One of these days we will have to set up again and sell some stuff. Got rid of a lot the first time.

  3. Your bus is one paint job away from being a country singer bus. You've got the look too. :)

  4. Six bears, the last time I was in Pennsylvania, a fellow stopped me when I took the Jeep and was leaving the park. He said that he noticed I was from Texas and he asked if I played the guitar. I told him I did and he said "ZZ Top"? I said yep and drove off.

    Trouble, sure will.