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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wondering about old cowboy shows.

I am sure I told you before that the two most watched channels on my TV are RFDTV and The Western Channel.  I like the old cowboy shows.  This weekend, when I was at the flea market, I found a cowboy cookbook.  This cook book has a long title: The All American Cowboy Cookbook - Home Cooking on the Range by Ken Beck & Jim Clark.  And by "range" it doesn't mean the kitchen appliance.  I have not had time to even scratch the surface of what all is in this book, but so far, I must say that I am glad I purchased it.  It is more than just a cook book.  It has pictures of famous cowboys and actors and lots of trivia about old TV westerns and movies.

The first trivia test was a list of 15 locations and 15 TV western series.  I missed a couple but did fairly good.  In a test like that you can't miss just one, if you miss one you have to miss another one because in your first miss you used an answer to some other question.  Now since this book has a copywrite date from back in 1975, I don't think they would mind me quoting some of it, since I did give them all the credit.  Here is their list of "Where In The West?", so let's see how you do.  I will give you the answers later, maybe (grin).  Just match up the first column with the second:

1.  Fort Apache                              A.  Gene Autry  
2.  Virginia City                              B.  Bonanza
3.  Fort Courage, Kansas                C.  Zorro
4.  Dodge City                                D.  The Rifleman
5.  San Francisco                            E.  Wyatt Earp
6.  Laramie, Wyoming                     F.  F-Troup
7.  Tombstone                                 G.  Gunsmoke
8.  North Fork, New Mexico            H.  Have Gun Will Travel
9.  The Double R Bar Ranch             I.  Yancy Derringer
10. The Melody Ranch                     J.  Roy Rodgers
11. Medicine Bow, Wyoming           K.  The Virginian
12. New Orleans                              L.  The Lawman
13. Monterey, California                   M.  Rin Tin Tin
14. Langtry, Texas                            N.  Bret Maveric
15. Sweetwater                                 O.  Judge Roy Bean

Now we will see which of you are old west show watchers like me. You don't have to list your answers in the comments unless you want to.  We all would like to see what you think is correct, though.  I will, this evening, give the answers in a comment.  So say good bye to the girl, kiss your horse, and ride off into the sunset, you hear?


  1. Dizz if you like old westerns look http://www.westernsontheweb.com/

  2. Now that sounds like an interesting book! You should get a lot of fun out of it!

    I only knew a couple of the answers off the top of my head!

  3. Justastick, thanks for the link.

    HJ, some old friends of mine from Pennsylvania sent me an email with all the right answers. Cogratulations to Bert and Erma!!!!

  4. I know maybe 3 or 4 answers. fun book, happy reading!

  5. Jill, the only reason I knew a lot of the answers is that quite a few channels on satellite TV are reshowing them. They never get old for me.

  6. I "might" know three:

    Langtry, Texas - O Judge Roy Bean

    San Francisco - C Zorro

    Dodge City - G Gunsmoke

  7. MsB, you got two right. Going to list the answers in Tuesday,s blog.