Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wondering about my knit-picking dog.

One of my wife's many hobbies is knit picking.  She has many knit picking looms of different shapes and sizes.  Last night she was using her big figure eight knit picking loom with her faithful dog at her side.  I walked up and he raised his head to see me and to make sure I knew he was protecting my wife and he got his head through a loom opening.  I thought it was cute and funny so took a couple of pictures.  This is the first one:

He is quite content to be in any position as long as it is beside his Momma and he will protect her with his life.  Don't ever get too close to her when he is there.  He does not allow that!!

In that first picture he was giving me one of his warning stares.  I backed off and he relaxed.  I got this second picture without him noticing what I was doing:

Maybe one of these days I will gather up all her different looms and take some pictures of them, but for today the figure eight loom and Mr. Chang Lee are the subjects.  Chang just hates to be alone.  My wife is his number one choice but if she leaves the room, even for just a few seconds, he is up beside me.  I guess that I am second choice.  I would rather be the second choice than never chosen.  Our three dogs are like children to us.  Now you all have great knit picking day, you hear?


  1. Looks like a good companion to me!

    Seems like you are playing second fiddle as far as the dog is concerned! That's not too bad, though!

  2. Trouble, thanks, Chang and I are out numbered three to two, but what we don't have in quantity we make up in good look (grin).

    HJ, not the fiddle, I play the guitar. . .

  3. Mr. Chang Lee might wind up in a figure eight, and you might have to unpick the knit picker, while the knit picker knits!
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny

  4. My dogs are large and always at my feet, getting off the sofa is sooooo hard, nowhere to put my feet down. it looks like your wife and Mr. Chang Lee have a stystem worked out, very sweet!

  5. Penny, now that is a real tongue twister. Try to say that fast three times in a row.

    Jill, they have to have a system worked out, since he is always by her side.