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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wondering if Gypsy thought I forgot

Back on November 10th, Gypsy left a comment on my blog, asking, and I will quote: "You bought some really nice clothes. I think you should post a picture of you wearing them, and especially with the cowboy hat!." I finally put one of my new shirts on with my new vest and of course my good old "winter" cowboy hat.

Now let me warn all of you, especially those with a weak stomach; the following pictures are not very pretty. In fact the guy in the pictures is just down right old and ugly. You may not want to see them, but if you think you are tough enough, go ahead. But, you may want to keep a bucket handy just in case the nausea gets the better of you.

This first picture was taken outside after returning from town yesterday:
By the way, my hair was pulled back in a "pony tail".

This second picture was taken inside later that night and with my hair down. The flash left a small shadow on the wall behind me.

OK, now I will expose all the ugliness of my whole head to you and with my hair pulled back:
Did you make it though that torture unscathed? If not, just blame it on Gypsy. And Gypsy, I hope you are feeling better after that bad fall you had yesterday.


  1. Don't look too bad for a guy your age!

    That hat is almost identical to mine! Sure is nice and soft!

    Does the camera still work?

  2. HJ, I don't know if it still works. It was smoking when I put it away and the lense was fogging up.

    As far as not looking too bad for an old guy, I am just glad I was able to get this old, don't care what I look like. Of course you probably guessed that by looking at me. . .(I am older than you so must be really old) :-)

  3. I think you look fine, Diz. Love those new clothes, and thanks for posting the pictures.

  4. Gypsy, thanks but sometimes a new wrapper doens't make old prime rib smell any better. But more important, how are you after your fall?

    Frann, didn't know what fashionista was, had to Google it. Thanks, but do really think I would fit in there?

  5. Dizzy I'm going to make a statement that was made to me by one of my granddaughters (Pap you clean up pretty darn good)

  6. Thanks Ted, and it wasn't even Saturday night.