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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wondering About Teddy Bears

Ain’t coincidences funny, I’m a wondering? I had this blog planned early yesterday and scanned the pictures, but didn’t start to write it until this morning. The coincidence is that I am wandering back in the past remembering things and Hermit Jim’s blog this morning is about, “Do you remember these?”. It was a very good post.

Well, anyway, I was wandering back to my early childhood and remembering my Teddy Bear. He really didn’t have a name, just went by Teddy.

You see, I was an only child and we lived in the country. My closest neighbor’s son was a teenager, about 10 years older than I was. So, I had to entertain myself.

I spent most of my time in the woods. I have always loved the out-doors and it didn’t matter if it was winter snow or summer heat. When I was pre-school age, my friend was a teddy bear. Don’t laugh, a lot of little kids had teddy bears back then. Here is a picture of my friend back then:

And here is another one in front of an aromatic flowering shrub that was beside our back porch:

After I was grown and raised my own family, my Mother gave my teddy bear back to me. He was well worn, missing a lot hair and parts of his eyes. He wore one of my Grandpa’s RR engineer’s caps, pinned back so it would fit, the one that I used to wear when I was little. Did you notice the cap I was wearing?

Old teddy is still with me today. I don’t think about him much, but he sits up on a bookcase in my office and keeps watch over me. You know, teddy bears are faithful.

Here is a picture that I just took of him. I moved him to the couch so that he could pose better for the picture:

I hope you enjoyed meeting my Teddy and maybe it brought back some childhood memories for you. If so, let us hear about some of your memories.


  1. Oddly, I don't remember having a teddy bear. Yours isn't by chance a Steiff Bear is it? If so,it maybe worth a bunch of money.

  2. No, I there is not and I don't ever remember a tag in its ear. But, my wife has a Steiff tiger that she had when little, but her Mom let our grandson play with it and it isn't quite as nice, but still in good shape.

  3. Howdy FT, Sort of, it is Roosevelt, Jr.

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  5. Funny you should post this today! Mom and I were talking about the origin of the teddy bear just this afternoon!

    Looks your furry friend is planning to stick around a while!

  6. HJ, you must have been putting out mental waves. I had no idea what I was going to write, and then it hit me. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)