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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Backyard, Stilts, Washing a car, & Some Trivia

I think I will start out with a bit of trivia and then end up with more trivia with the other stuff sandwiched in between.

Did you know that in the animal kingdom, we humans (no matter what some say, I am including myself in this group – no not animal but human) have unique lips; ones that are everted, or purse outward? Speaking of lips, did you know that two thirds of people turn their heads to the right when kissing? Bet you had to go kiss someone to see which way you turn your head. Most people learn from experience that you have to turn your head because your noses get in the way (grin).

When I was a boy, we had a large back yard that butted up to a deep woods; just perfect for a young boy. Here is a picture of me and my Mom relaxing in the back yard:

I had a pair of stilts that my Dad made for me. Here I am walking on them. I wish the picture showed how high they were:

And here is how a kid washes a Buick:

It was easier to do it in the rain, just add soap and rub.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were falling apart. That is why I scanned them.

Changing the subject, I read an article the other day about “face blindness”. This has to be a terrible thing for any who may suffer from it. Face blindness is the inability to recognize peoples’ faces. Some people are born with it and some get it after a head injury. These people can not recognize the face of their children, wife, parents, friends, or famous people. How awful is that? I wonder who they see in a mirror.

Normal people can glimpse a face and remember it for years. I personally never forget a face, but I can’t remember someone’s name even minutes after being introduced.

You know, no matter how bad you feel, you don’t have to look too hard to find someone worse off.


  1. I just love old pictures, but it's a good thing you are scanning them because they fade and fall apart at some point. If you have any that you especially treasure, you can have it restored and prints made - I've had it done at Sears in the past - one was a picture of my Grandmother whom I never knew, with my dad when he was a little boy. You can't replace things like that!

    I don't have anyone to kiss (dang!) but had to rely on my memory, and I think you are right - I would turn my head to the right.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gypsy. You maybe the only one that has viewed my blog today. Acturally, the stats say 13, not good when I had been averaging around 70. I must be getting boring or everyone is Christmas shopping.

    I have fixed up some old pictures myself, but it is time consuming working with pixel color.