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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Remembering some of my past Christmases

Just another day here, but it didn’t used to be like that. Back in the days when we had kids at home, now those were Christmases to remember. Also, the ones when we were kids ourselves. Do you know what I am talking about or are you not old enough yet?

I have boxes of pictures, but will not bore you with any today. I am just going to remember back and hope you do the same with me.

The one Christmas that stands out in my memory, and from what my late son told me, in their memories also. (We had two boys; one has since died in a vehicle accident and the other doesn’t seem to care about us.) This story took place on Christmas Eve back when the boys were fairly young, but starting to doubt the validity of Santa Claus.

We lived in Western Pennsylvania at that time and this particular Christmas season was blessed with about 8 inches of fresh snow that fell during the day on Christmas eve. Just perfect.

I have an antique set of old sleigh bells. They are all different sizes and mounted on a leather strap. The different sizes create the beautiful loud tones when the strap is shaken. These bells gave me the idea to do something special that the boys would always remember.

I waited until they were both in bed, but not very long, since I wanted them to still be awake. I bundled up and went outside. Under my carport there was an extension ladder. I dragged it around the house to where the kids two bedrooms were. Also, dragging the ladder made tracks that looked like they were made by a sleigh. I then used the ladder to get up on the roof, where I stomped around real hard and loud and at the same time just shook the heck out of those bells; and believe me, those real old bells were very, very loud. (The next day the neighbor said he thought that I had gone crazy and was out of my mind.)

It worked perfect, at least for the younger one. I believe the older just wondered what old Dad was doing stomping around on the roof, but admitted that he, too, enjoyed it at the time. And of course the next day the boys could go outside and see the tracks that Santa’s sleigh left in the snow. It was just oh so perfect!!!

Christmas was always a special and huge time of year to our families, with church, family, and friends. When I was a young boy, it was the most special time of year. At the time it gave me a special warm feeling and today when I remember back, it still gives me that warm feeling; the decorations and of course that very special tree. My Dad and I always tried to find that “just perfect” blue spruce to use as a Christmas tree and it always had all blue lights on it with millions (or so it seems) ornaments with electric trains and a village under it.

There were always those very special ornaments that were passed down through the generations that always had a special place on the tree. I am proud to say that I come from a family who had wonderful traditions and up until the last few years, we have tried to keep that tradition alive.

But most of all I hope that you all will have a very special and memorial Christmas day.

Merry Chistmas


  1. Yep the kid Christmasses were the best by far.

  2. Always fun to go back in time and re-visit Christmases past with all their glory!

    With three sisters, you can imagine that Christmas at our house was total chaos, but was very enjoyable as well!

    Thanks for the memories!

  3. I have a brother that hasn’t spoken to me in 10 years; funny how all families have a black sheep. I met a gal in a campground while I was traveling around the country who told me that “She was the black sheep” of her family! They ousted her!

    I just had a discussion about the color of Christmas Tree lights with the lady who runs the local BBQ stand. She likes lights of various colors and I like a tree with all white lights on it. Some like flashing lights! I liked flashing lights when I was a kid but they drive me nuts now.

    My mother was ‘frugal’ shall we say! She saved the tinsel from year to year. Did you ever try to get the tinsel ‘off of a tree?’ It ain’t easy!

    French Meat pie and Creton, were my favorite foods at Christmas. Creton is a pork meat spread that is very spicy and full of fat to make is spread easy. Terrible for you but good!

    All in all, I am most grateful for my salvation! This is why Jesus came in the first place!

    Truly! It is the ‘Greatest story ever told!’

  4. Thanks for the memories, Diz. My late husband also had a set of those big jingle bells, but he didn't climb on the roof with them. He would sneak outside, shake the hell outta them and yell "Ho Ho Ho" in his loudest, deepest voice.

    Ernest, I thought my Mom was the only person in the world who saved tinsel from one year to the next. That was back when tinsel had some substance, not the filmy cellophane stuff you get today.

    I loved Christmas up until my kids were pretty much grown, and now it's just another day to me, unless I'm with my kids.

  5. Good memories Sir, Thanks for sharing.I am sure we all have a "favorite" Christmas memory, and one you'd just as soon be able to forget.
    Just think, now that we are the OLD People, our kids and grand kids are making memories just like we did.

  6. Yes Gypsy, as I recall, the tinsel was pretty heavy. It must have been made of lead. It always surprised me how much it weighed.

    Nothing sadder than to see a Christmas tree with the tinsel still on it awaiting the garbage truck.

    We didn't have 'Waste Disposal' back then it was garbage!

  7. Barney, Yes, I have to agree with you on that.

    HJ, memories of the "old" days are really precious to me. I had such a great child-hood, was truely blessed.

    Ernest, My Mom saved the ice-cycles. Think they were made from the same stuff as tinsil. And we should never forget that we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour on this day.

    Gypsy, yep- those bells are something, arn't they? They can be heard for a mile, unlike those store bought junk they sell now-a-days. Mine were from a sleigh back in the 1800's.

    Howdy Ben, my problem is that all my relatives and old friends are in other states. Wouldn't be great to have all brought togeter again for one great celebration?

  8. What a wonderful christmas story Dizzy, thank you for sharing it. My best christmases were when I was a kid, now they are any other day.

    My mom always saved all the gift wrapping paper and bows, lol :-)

  9. Meant to say that now my christmasses are like any other day.

  10. MsBelinda, You are welcome. And I know what you mean about any other day. BTW, I thought everyone saved the paper and bows. . . :-)

  11. RVers in compact trailers like Comfort Castle do not have room for all those paper and bows etc. I have to purchase new paper each year. but then it gives me a good reason to go out shopping which gives me a chance to visit with someone new.

  12. Barney, easy solution for you. Don't give any gifts that need wrapped.

  13. Merry Christmas to you both. I enjoy reading about the time when the "boys" were little and I miss getting to hear about them in person.

  14. Scubabon, Bey you all had a good Christmas even without any snow. Kids are what makes a Christmas.