Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wondering how cold is it going to get.

Dang, it was down right chilly this morning and it is suppose to be cold tomorrow morning, also. It got down to 29 degrees by 07:00 this morning. So, I figured the best thing to do was go back to bed and hibernate until spring comes. Well, after a couple of hours or so, I figured it was safe to get up, it is now 40 degrees and the sun is shining brightly.

I admit I did go back and sleep for awhile, but got up to turn on the computer but my wife was watching the comedy channel and Jeff Foxworthy and his cohorts. I had seen it before, but just couldn’t tear myself away from those four comedians. Got enough laughs to get me through this day. Larry the Cable Guy always cracks me up, as do Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White.

Some jokes to me are not funny at all, some are disgusting, some are amusing, and some are hilarious. Now, what makes the difference? I am not sure, but I know for sure that it is different in different people. My wife and I laugh at different jokes, but sometimes we laugh at the same ones. It would be interesting to study the reasons different people laugh at different things. Do you think that the reason is that we are different people? Dah.

Back to the weather. Is it just me or did the last part of this year seem to have a lot more cold spells than normal? We have had a lot more mornings when it has been down to freezing or lower than I can remember for a long time. Of course it warms up within a few hours, but even so, there have been a lot of cold mornings. Think it is this global warming thing???

The global warming people will eventually be right, you know. The sun is growing in size. Yep, it gets bigger every year. So, some day, it will scorch and burn up our home planet.

Now, how did I get from a cold morning to a burning earth? Guess I better stop writing or I may go off some where that I shouldn’t. (grin) Guess I should have titled this post: “just the ramblings of an old man.”


  1. Ramble on and I will continue to read and enjoy.

  2. I just watched that Comedy tour show myself.. Good choice.
    And about the weather? remember Al Gore said we are all gonna bun up cause of global warming. THAT explains the cold winter you are having I am sure.

  3. Barney, thanks for rambling along with me. Have to get down your way sometime before you leave.

    Ben, yep, I am sure someone can twist it around and say the cold is caused from the global warming. It would take a politition to change black to white or cold to hot or . . . .

  4. A Global Warming Gal tried to explain to me how Global Warming causes Global cooling.

    So, I sez to her, 'The next time you need ice cubes, put a pan of water on the stove to boil'

    "Let me know how you make out!"

    Global warming causese global cooling, Sheesh!!!

  5. Ernest, in the actic, temeratures can be so cold that there can be no percipatation of any kind. When the temperature warms up slightly, but still quite cold, it can then snow. A slight warming did cause a lot of snow and the last ice age. But the type of "global warming" the politicians are talking about could not do that. They are saying that things are melting in the arctic.

  6. Every year the lame stream media trotts up to the arctic in August to film polar bears 'loosing their much needed ice'!

    Yeah, ice melts in the summer!

    Why don't they go up there in February?