Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wondering about weather and pigs.

It is cold here this morning. It is still below freezing and must have been for a lot of hours last night, since a gallon jug of water that was sitting outside was frozen. This was the longest it has been below freezing this season.

Maybe my memory is getting bad, but so far this year it seems that we have had more hours below thirty two degrees thus far than last year during the same time frame. But we have also had extra warm days, also. This is the rollercoaster time of year; 80 degrees one day and freezing the next. Makes one’s old bones start to creek a little.

Had to take a short break to find something and get a cup of coffee. Looked at the thermometer and it is now 08:15 and above freezing. Suppose to be in the 60’s today and near 80 on Saturday and then drop real fast to below freezing again.

You all remember my blogs about our resident wild pig? Well, she got herself a friend. It looks like a small bore, but not sure. It looks really small compared to her, so maybe it is a yearling. Can’t be too old; if it is then it must be a midget. Anyway, enough talk, here are some pictures. Don’t forget, you can click on them to enlarge them.

And I will enlarge the last one for you:
The little one is always with her. See it lying on the big pig’s left, the right side looking at the picture. Maybe he is a young Casanova, or just an orphan that got lost from its own mother. It is a lot more skittish than the big pig and the big sow seems to protect it.

Everybody needs somebody to love, right?


  1. Howdy Ernest, thanks for stopping by. And yes to your Amen, every one does need someone or something to love.

  2. You ain't gonna like this,but the younger the hog , the better the eatin! :-)

  3. My two boys went hunting one time and one got a small pig and one a deer. That pig was really GOOD. And so was the deer.