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Friday, June 14, 2013

Wondering if this post is for the birds?

Did you know that there are 9300 birds in the world?  North America plays host to at least 900 hundred of them.  A large percentage of the North American birds can be found in Texas at one time or another.  How many, you ma ask?  Over 600 is the answer.  That's a lot of birds, but then, Texas is a big place with a lot of different environments, it can be divided into eight unique areas.  Starting at the far west is the Trans-Pecos, then the High Plains, the Edwards Plateau, the Rolling Plains, the South Texas Plains, the Blackland Prairie and Post-Oak Savannah, the East Texas pineywoods, and the Coastal Plain.  That is a lot of different habitats and the reason so many different verities of birds can be found in Texas.

Now, I wonder where the birds fit in the worlds animal kingdom?  Well don't wonder any longer, I am going to tell you.  A SPECIES (like the Bald Eagle) fits into a GENUS which fits into a FAMILY which fits into an ORDER (Falconiformes) which fits into a CLASS (Aves) which fits into a PHYLUM (Chordata) which fits into a KINGDOM (Animalia).  Got that??

A lot of people keep records of the birds that they have seen and have been able to identity during an outing, a trip, a year, or a life time.  I used to, but like a lot of things I used to do, it has slipped away somewhere.  I still like to watch and hear birds.  I still like to identify them.  I just don't keep lists anymore.  In the back of my Peterson's Field Guide, there is a live list with squares that can be checked off.  I have checked quite a few.  Now, I hope this day is not "for the birds".  You all have a good one, you hear?


  1. I have a great bird book too, and always look up the ones I don't recognize. That's why it was so shocking to see the pelicans here.

  2. I like to see the birds but usually don't get enough detail to identify the particular bird. The exception was when I lived in the mountains of western NC. My yard was full of birds and they came to the feeder outside my kitchen window, where I could sit for long periods of time observing them. I hasd 5 species of woodpeckers working on all the trees as well.

  3. We really do have a good selection of wild birds here in Texas! Glad I don't have to feed them all!

  4. Trouble, how long did the pelicans stay? Maybe they were just passing though.

    Gypsy, I have a large variety of birds on my place. I like to go out and try to mimic their calls. Sometimes they get mad at me and scold me (or are they warning others of the imposter?). I have only seen 3 different woodpeckers, the Pileated is the neatest!!

    HJ, I think that there are enough bugs in this area to feed them very well. . .

  5. I love watching the birds of prey in action. High drama.

  6. We love watching the birds too. We are especially fascinated with hummingbirds at the moment. A plan is in the works for a trip to Costa Rica maybe in Spring of 2014, where we will try to overdose on bird watching of the exotic varieties.

  7. Sixbears, birds of prey are high drama. We have both owls and hawks that nest and stay on my property. I listen to the hawks scream during the day and the owls songs at night. Love it!!

    Jill, the hummingbirds jist love the honeysuckle when it is in bloom around here in the early spring.

  8. That is a wide variety of birds that live in Texas...did not know that many resided here but as you mention Texas is a big state with a lot of different habitats.

    1. MsB, Texas is special in a lot of ways. The rest of the country may be going to the devil but Texas is going to the birds (grin).