Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Correction and Wondering about some ads.

My wife read my yesterday's blog posting last night and pointed out that I wrote that there were only 9300 "birds" in the world.  I meant to say 9300 "bird species".  Did the same thing with the amount of bird species in North America and Texas.  Sorry for that, I now stand corrected.

Some of the commercials on TV are boring, but a few are at least a little entertaining.  I actually enjoy the GEICO ads they have been putting on lately.  They want to impress on you that if you buy their insurance that you will be happy, happier than a lot of things.  Like "happier than the Pillsbury Boy going to a baking convention" or 'happier than a camel on hump day" and others.  I like their premise and their ads.  I would love to have a job writing that stuff.

This got me to wondering what if the reverse premise was used?  You know, like unhappy instead of happy.  Let me see, how about "unhappier that a sword swallower with the hick-ups".  Or a dieter or diabetic at a candy convention.  Or being best man at the love of your life's wedding.  Or really bad weather for your only vacation week of the year.  Or writing a blog every day for a year and never getting any comments.  There could be a lot more, but I would like to hear you all come up with some.  I am sure you have a lot better ideas than I have or the ad writers, so list some in the comment section and have a great day you hear.


  1. Love those ads with the talking lizard!
    Flea Market today?

    1. Yep, just got back. I didn't get anything but my wife always seems to find something that she can use in her crafting and art work.

  2. I don't know about everyone else, but I always read what you meant and not what you said!

    That make any sense?

  3. I can't stand that Geico gecko, but loved the Aflac duck. I wish they would bring him back. Now that I don't have TV I won't be entertained or irritated by any commercials!

  4. HJ, yes it makes a lot of sense. I do the same thing. I know what I want to write but sometimes it doesn't come out that way. Glad you can read my mind.

    Gypsy, That duck is really neat. Some of those ads are a lot better than the shows.

  5. The things I miss by not watching TV.

    When did it become normal for TVs to be in every restaurant? There are places I won't go anymore because I can't sit in a place without seeing the TV. I'm there to enjoy the food and those I'm dining with. Even the most clever show and commercials are intrusions.

    That being said, I'm sometimes fascinated by the magic talking picture box -in spite of myself.

  6. I don't really watch much TV except for the nightly news and the NBA finals.

  7. Sixbears, a TV has a place but that place isn't everywhere and should not take up all your time. But it is fascinating.

    MsB, I mostly watch the Western Channel. Just love those old westerns like Gunsmoke, The Law Man, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide and more.

  8. Don't own a TV, haven't owned one for years, so I know almost nothing about American Culture. There are college graduates that can not tell you what century the Civil War was in but can tell you about sitcoms that have come and gone that I never saw.

  9. Dang, and here I thougt I was learning history by watching all the old cowboy shows and movies (grin).