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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wandering back from the flea market 6-22-13

Took a ride over to the flea market and walked around.  Visited with some of our flea-market friends and didn't spend much money.  I didn't buy anything but the wife found a book that will be used in card making and art.  The first table we stopped at was Rick's.  He always seems to come up with something interesting.  I have posted stuff that he has had on sale on my blog before and I am going to do it again today.  I did tell him what I was doing and he said no charge, knock yourself out.

The one item that caught my attention was a very practical item that everyone could use sometime during their lives and probably many times.  If you think about all the components you will understand why it would work:

See the can of prune juice?

And the "over the Hill" bran flakes.  If the bran flakes and the prune juice don't work, option three is the big ole firecracker.  That will brake the dam. . .

Now don't tell me you can't find something useful at the flea market (grin).  No, I didn't buy it.  Maybe someday I will wish I had. . . Now you all have great day today, you hear?


  1. The guy has a sense of humor anyway. It would make a good present for someone, maybe a brother-in-law?

  2. Perfect for those Christmas gift exchanges where you don't have any idea what to get. Only problem is storing it until the right situation happens... or... do I really mean doesn't happen?

  3. After having anesthesia for surgery and plenty of painkillers this week I could have used one of those kits.

  4. Gypsy, yes it would. I wonder where he gets these things.

    The Odd Essay, Especially if you draw someone's name that you are not too fond of, right? "doesn't happen?" Good way to end a comment on this subject. . .

    Jill, Well now you know what to get when you get the other foot done.

  5. MsB, if you don't "gag" on it (grin).

  6. I could of used that when I ate a whole bag of Peanut Butter Cups. Talking about plugged.

  7. I have an entire closet dedicated to my card making supplies. I used to have an entire room full of card making supplies, but had to downsize when we moved. I sure wish we lived nearby. I LOVE getting people hooked!

  8. Absolutely brilliant idea. I wasn't expecting to see those things inside of it. What a laugh it gave me. I wish I had a shop like that around here, it would make ideal gifts for anyone throughout the whole year.

  9. Jim, just use a cork screw. . . Hey, don't you know that peanut butter is bad for you? We use almond butter. Almonds are real tree nuts, not legumes that grow under ground and get infected with mold. I use to grow peanuts in my garden.

    Lotta joy, that would be nice, but since I only like to drive 250 or 300 miles a day, it would take a few days to get there.

    Rum-Punch Drunk, I thought it was great. BTW, it isn't a shop, but a flea market with outside tables under just a roof. It is quite large and takes a couple of hours to walk through the outside tables. There is also a huge building with indoor shops, but we very seldom go inside. The flea market is our weekend outings.