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Monday, June 10, 2013

Now I need some music.

Now I need some music.  I got the words to a song, but no music.  I was sitting here on the couch last night and words to a song seemed to be bumping around inside my head.  Then it dawned on me that these words were never in any song I had heard, but just coming out of my head.  This has happened before, but I quickly forget the lines, never to be thought of again.  But this time, I was going to write them down while they were still in my head.  I started writing and it went from a chorus to three different verses.  Now I need to put it to music.  Want to see the verses?  NO??!!  Well, be that way, but I am going to show you anyway.  That way I will have it saved to where I can find it again if I ever decide to add the music part.  Here are the lyrics:

They Call Me Dizzy
Now they call me Dizzy,
Can you imagine that?
Don't get in a tizzy,
It's a matter of fact!
Some of us dance, some of us clog,
Some write a book, I write a blog.
It's lots of work, keeps be busy,
Along with that, it makes me Dizzy.
(repeat chorus)
I like to pick, I like to sing,
Try to work, it's not my thing!
Get'n on line, playing some games,
Keeps me at home, til the day wanes.
(repeat chorus)
What can I say, I am just me.
I live with that, so let me be.
Jump in RV, and travel far,
With wife and dogs, and my guitar.
(repeat chorus)

The above picture was taken in my RV while on our trip to west Texas and the Davis mountains.  My wife and I, our dogs, and my guitar made that trip.  So, my song does have some truth to it.  Now, all I need is the music.  Guess I will grab my guitar and work on that, or maybe I should wait.  Some tune may just jump into my head.  What do you think?  OH!  So you think I should just forget the whole thing??  Yep, maybe I should.  Now, keep humming a tune and have a great day, you hear?


  1. Hermit's Baby SisJune 10, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    Don't even consider forgetting it, Dizzy! Go for it - and I love it. It's all about you, and it is you. Get some music in there and let's hear it, ok?

    Waiting for more ~

    1. I guess I could try. Should I put new strings on the old guitar?

  2. It's got a good beat and is easy to dance to..., wait a minute, where's that music coming from?

    1. Hey Jimdabob, why don't you just send me that music and then I will not have to come up with a tune for it?

  3. Sounds (er.... looks like it will be a good song.)

  4. Get those words to music and I bet you could introduce it at Larry's Country Diner!

  5. David, thanks. Hope it just ain't another pretty face, no I mean song. . .

    Gypsy, that is one of my most favorite shows. That and the Cumberland Highlanders.

  6. When you get the music together with the words, make a video of yourself and post it for us all to enjoy, OK?

  7. Jill, I tried posting a video before and blogger said it was too big a file to upload. Maybe I did something wrong. I have a digital microphone that is made to plug into an USB port of a computer. I could record with that, but I do hope you forget you asked me to (grin)

  8. Sing to that old TV show theme song: Flipper.


  9. One of these days I'll probably be hearing your song on some country/western station... you'll be famous! And I'll smile and say... "I knew him when...."

  10. Sixbears, Maybe, but I thinj I would like something more original, something of my own.

    The Odd Essay, You mean I ain't famous enough now?? I am too old to look for fame and fortune.

  11. It is not bad Dizzy...give it a whirl and put some music to it.

  12. MsB, maybe not bad, but dizzy. . .

  13. butterbean carpenterJune 13, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    Howdy Diz,
    That's a really good song, but you'll hafta find an old- fashioned radio station to play it... The 'new' kuntry ?music? has to be more 'hard-rock' oriented and distorted; Garth Brooks caca type... Busted gittars & stuff, BIG HATS, LONG HAIR. LOUD & LOUDER !!!! Your great little song won't work for the 'new' kuntry crowd, but us oldtimers will love it, if it's got a fiddle in it and you can 'shine' your belt-buckle to the melody.. Move to BugTussle, TEXAS and start a new HOME of COUNTRY MUSIC!!!! Brady, Texas would also work, too!!!!
    You'd hafta put it in BLUEGRASS, if'n you stay in Nawth Ca'lina!!!!