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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wondering; Did you miss me?

I hope you all didn't miss me yesterday.  No, I didn't die, not yet, anyway.  When a blogger who posts everyday and gets to be my age, and misses a day, some would think that something bad happened.  Well let me tell you, nothing bad happened.  I just sat here with a blank mind and a blank stare on my face with the laptop on my lap and I just couldn't think of a dang thing to say.  Now that is scary, because I always have "something" to say.  So, I just read other blogs and commented on them (see, I did have something to say).  Even geniuses need a break to recharge and I am by far no genius.

Just by skipping a day gave me a subject for today's blog.  Now isn't that ironic?  Of course maybe I ought to skip a week or so and then I could come up with a really good blog.

Yesterday, I was going to write about stuff out there in the universe, but I have written a lot about that in the past and I thought that it may start to bore you.  Of course, to me that subject is never boring even though space is mostly filled with nothing, which is boring.  Maybe one of biggest reasons that space isn't boring is that we are like infants just beginning to learn about the universe around us.  If our universe keeps expanding like some think it is, as time goes by, we will be sitting in a very lonely place with few things to see in the night sky.  Hey, sorry about that!!  I got off my subject.  Just don't panic if I miss blogging once in awhile.  Now, you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. I saw you were commenting on other blogs, so I wasn't worried. We all get that blank, nothing important to say days.

  2. Schedules? What schedules? We are retired and do our best work at the most unlikely times.

  3. Sometimes I don't remember what day it is... AND.. the big one here for me is the time of day. We're 7 hours ahead of Texas time (noon in Texas it's already 7pm here), so I have no idea what time my blog "hits the streets". I'm like you... I read 'em when I sees 'em.

  4. I was still waiting on you when I read your comment. And yeah, when someone posts every day, you do get concerned. I did warn everybody I wouldn't do it now, cause i'm having blank days too.

  5. Sixbears, yep, that gave it away.

    Jimkabob, Sometimes I forget that. I guess I can skip a day any time I want to, since I am now over 70.

    The Odd Essay, and you, at times, are a day ahead of us.

  6. Trouble, I didn't know I wasn't going to post, but I got disgusted with myself and turned the computer off.

  7. Gettin harder all the time for me to come up with something to post about. The damn spammers are getting my goat and I'm considering shutting down my blog. As for the universe I am a child of it so like anything about it real well.

    1. You can't quit blogging, I really enjoy your site and you keep me up with events in Terlingua.

      Why don't you just do away with Anonymous comments? Most spammers post as such.

      Please don't stop blogging :(

  8. Of course we missed you and your absent blog post. You're allowed to have a day off now and then though.

  9. David, please don't quite blogging. If you have to shut your site down, start another one and let us know where to find you. We would miss you.

    Jill, Ah gee. . . thank you, glad someone missed me. If I do skip one again I will just tell everyone that you said I was allowed. (grin)

  10. Dizzy I would have missed you but do to frustration with my computer I took a day off myself.

    Speaking of missing people I wonder what happened to Jules of So Far From Heaven?

  11. I admire anyone who does a blog post everyday because it's absolutely hard work for real. I think that once people are aware that you have a regular pattern then it's ok, rather than just posting randomly - only so that people don't think you have quit.

    I've had many days when I too sit there looking at a blank screen, but what can you do? If the mind wants to rest, it will rest whether you like it or not, ha ha ha. Anyway, it's good to be here. And as for the universe, so much to learn about it in such a short space of time.