Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wondering about upper lips, parking lot flowers, and dewberry blossems,

 A question for all you intelligent people who read my blog.  In fact, I think all of you who follow my blog are intelligent.  OK, I will ask the question here and give the answer at the end.  What do you call that groove in your upper lip?  If you think that is easy, then tell me why it is there.

We went to Wal*Mart the other day and as we were leaving we saw these unusual flowers on a fairly large bush.  Ruth took a couple of pictures of them and if any of you know what they are, let us know.

 And another picture:

Today, I noticed that the dewberries are blooming.  I will have to keep close watch on them so I can taste some of the sweet fruit before the birds and other critters get them all.

See them growing along the side of my my driveway?

And another picture of some up by my gate:

OK, are you ready for the answer to my question?  Well, it is called a philtrum and it was caused when the left side of your jaw joined the right side when you were forming in your Mom's womb.  The same with the ridge on the roof of your mouth and the cleft in your chin.  Now, see, I told you that you are intelligent and would know the answer.  Actually, how many did know both answers?  OK then, how many knew one of the answers?  Now, you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. You made me think of the "Mircle of Life"If I can find it I'll post it.the other day I posted a 90 minute video that is well worth the watch .

  2. I didn't know the answer about my upper lip... not only that, I don't know what those beautiful red flowers are except they look like a succulent. Gee, DD, you sure give a tough IQ test! Maybe I'm studying the wrong stuff ;-)

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  4. hmmm, thot I published my comment but,,,
    Never knew that was called anything, so sure wouldn't know what.
    Never saw those flowers before but they are beautiful.

  5. No answers here, only WAG's. But that SOP for me.

  6. Justastick, I am planning to watch it when I can find 90 minutes in a row.

    The Old Essay, No matter what you study there is a lot more to learn, more than one person can absorb. I don't know what the red flowers are but will keep searching. They struck me as very pretty.

    Toruble, Same with me. I just thought it was my upper lip.

    Jimdabob, what is a WAG and a SOP? Sounds like my dogs, wagging their tails while they sop up the food.

  7. Guess I'm not the intelligent one I didn't know. But I DO know that those flowers are gorgeous.

  8. Tammy, don't feel along. I have no idea what those flowers are and so far it doesn't seem like anyone else does, either.

  9. I always thought that ridge was like a curb, kept stuff running out of the nose from getting into the mouth. ( I have kids with runny noses this week, that's where my mind is at) never knew there was a name nor why we had it. learn something new every day. another strike for me on the flowers.

  10. Hi, the shrub with the bright red flowers is called a Bottlebrush. Hummingbirds like them.

  11. Hi, the shrub with the bright red flowers is called a Bottlebrush. Hummingbirds like them.

  12. Jill, maybe that is also what it is for. Things can have multiple reasons for being. I will send you some of our warm air, maybe that will help the runny noses. . .

    Freebirdmcmivii, Thank you. I seached and couldn't find what it was, then you saved the day. Looked that up and sure enough, that is what it is. Thanks again.