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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wondering about playing cards and golf.

I got to wondering about the face cards in a deck of regular playing cards.  From history and watching old cowboy movies, I know what the face cards are (and from personal experience).  In real life I know what a King in.  So, that card isn't too hard to understand and the reason it is is the highest value of any face card.  Now, if you got a King you must have a Queen in real life and in playing cards.  OK, I understand why there is a Queen playing card, but what the heck is a Jack suppose to be?  Do you have any idea?  Maybe its other name will help.  It is also called a Knave, which in years past was a servant of royalty.  That is why it is the lowest value face card.

Now, I am going to talk about golf.  I do not, nor ever have, played a round of golf, so I am not an expert on the subject.  Therefore, I will not tell you how to improve your game.  I am sure that if I ever played a round of golf I would win because I would have an extremely high score!!  But, what I am wondering about is why golfers yell "FORE" when their air born ball is heading for another party of golfers.  Any of you golfers out there know why you use this term?  Well I am going to tell you.

It is an old military abbreviation.  When troops were firing in lines, one line being in front of anther line, the command "ware before" warned the troops in the front line to keep their heads down because the line of troops behind them were fixing preparing to fire.  So, you see, "FORE" is just a shortened version of the "before" in "ware before".  I am sure if tried to play a round of golf I would go horse yelling that word to protect everyone else on the course.  Now, whether you golf or fish or what ever you do, just have a great day, you hear?


  1. You got me on whatever the J is. Golf? Couldn't care less.

  2. This might be the answer you are looking for. From Yahoo answers "The original title was a knave, which is a servant of the court. Knave beginning with a K, causes confusion with the king, and was therefore changed to Jack. The reason the Jack is of lower rank in the deck of cards relates to its origins, the knave being a servant in the royal court, hence its rank below the King and Queen."

    Hope this helps a bit!

  3. I didn't have a clue why golfers yell "fore", so I learned something today. The Jack I knew about though.

  4. I don't have a clue about the cards... you're hearing from a woman who couldn't understand why someone would have a bumper sticker "I (club) my Cat". I asked Bill if he thought they had a sick sense of humor... he told me that I didn't know my card suits (?)... that the bumper sticker was "I (Spade) my cat". Hey, I know the hearts and diamond symbols... so I'm a little shy of knowing clubs and spades....

  5. Trouble, H.J. hit it on the nose, read his comment.

    H.J. you are correct.

    Gypsy, I actually learned something, too.

    The Odd Essay, That is funny about I (clubbed) my cat. Got a laugh out of me.

  6. I think of golf as a nice walk ruined. :)

  7. I don't know much about cards, my human friend. However, my alleged human looks remarkably like the Joker in the pack.

    As for golf. That game confuses me. Why would somebody want to hit a small white ball down some lawn and then try to find it? Evidently, sometimes it goes missing down a hole.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  8. Sixbears, I think you got something there, I agree.

    Klahanie, Dang, your human friend must be my doppelganger.

  9. If you want more card history, read up on what all the cards in a Tarot deck mean. The suites are different, but the number and type of cards is the same. Each suite (suit?) represents a different faucet (fawset? no spell check...) of life, and the steps of achievement as one goes through life, working the way up in maturity/skill. Then there are 21 face cards that directly depict the journey through life.