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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wondering about the comet.

On yesterdays blog, I reminded you to look for the comet.  I went out just after the sun set and looked west.  I was pleasantly surprised!!  I was not expecting to see such a bright comet, especially before it got dark.  It was spectacular!!  If I had known it was going to be so bright I would have gotten out one of my smaller telescopes but with just a pair of binoculars, I could make out its double tail and extra bright ball at the front.  To me from my viewing area, I believe it was brighter than comet Hale Bopp that showed up back in 1997.  This comet (C/2011 L4 Panstarrs) is just starting to put on its show.  It will return.

I took some pictures, but with my little inexpensive digital pocket camera, I could not zoom in enough to show the double tail.  You will have to take my word for that.  My wife suggested I take a picture though my binoculars, but I said I didn't think I could hold it steady enough.  I should have tried.  Anyway, some pictures.  On this first one, I put a yellow arrow point to the comet in case you had trouble spotting it:

And a close up of the above picture?

OK, you find it in this picture:

Here it is, hiding in the trees:

I moved over some to get one last picture of it that wasn't partially hidden by the trees:  Can you see it in this picture?  It shows up better than in the last one:

OK, here it is in this cropped picture:

That did make my evening, for sure.  Today is the day I go back to the doctor's to find out the results from those ten viles of blood that he took to test for a whole list of things.  I sure do hope all the tests are complete.  Regardless of what the doc's report is or what he says, I am going to have a grate day and I hope you all have a great day, too, you hear?


  1. Living in a city has lots of negatives... one is that you don't see the night sky because of all the lights. If we were back in Texas we'd have seen that comet for sure! Hope you get good news tomorrow... wishing you the best.

  2. I did remember to look, like they said, 30-40 mins after sunset, but nothing. Glad you saw it tho.
    Prayers with you on your tests.

  3. Some of your pictures show it really well. I forgot to go out and take a look last night, although I'm sure there is too much light from the city.

  4. The Odd Essay, I bet it was bright enough to see through the city lights. Anyway, it was still light when I took these pictures and city lights would not have been on at that time.

    Trouble, It was low on the western horizon. Depends how good your view is in that direction. Thanks for the prayers.

    Gypsy, Like I told Odd Essay, I took these pics before city lights would have been turned on. the sun had just set, see the red in the sky near the horizon?

  5. Nice Dizzy! I've been socked in the clouds here for days.

  6. I'm glad you could see the comet and that you exposed it on here. When I say, "exposed, yes that's in reference to the comet.

    This might surprise you, but here in lil' ol' England, it was cloudy and thus, me no see the comet.

    I hoping y'all get some great results. Nonetheless, you've got the right attitude, dude.

    Right then, I'm outta' here....

  7. Sixbears, keep looking up, it is suprising what you may see. . . that is if you get a clear night.

    Klahanie, Comets have a huge orbit and usually only return once in a person's lifetime. This one comes back a lot quiker than most. I got good news and bad news from the doc. I have a form of leukemia (the bad news) but it will take 18 to 20 years to kill me (the good news). It will cause me to be more susceptibal to diseases, etc.

  8. i've never seen a comet in my 63 years. I envy you the experience and i thank you for the photos. Good luck on your blood tests. I haven't had a good one in over 10 years.

  9. Jill, thanks, I am glad I had the chance to take the pictures. I have seen them before, but only at night.

    Lotta joy, This is my second one. Look above at my answer to Klahanie for what the doc told me.

  10. We were supposed to be socked in all week so I didn't have much hope, but today it was bright and sunny and blue and warmish and it stayed that way until about an hour before sunset, when the clouds camped out in the west. Sigh. I will wait for the biggie in November.